What You Need To Know When Marketing Your Website With Podcasts

Podcasting is one of those marketing mediums where a lot of people don’t know how to create one, and how to implement it into their business. Podcasting is fairly new, but it can definitely bring you a lot of traffic to your website on a daily basis. So if you think you can’t use a podcast, think again.

Podcasting is easy. Not to mention free. So it’s another way to deliver your marketing message without spending a dime on advertising. If you have a good, clear voice – and you speak coherently…. I think you should put podcasting into your marketing mix right away. You’ll see good results from it.

I always get asked from people, “How do I drive traffic to my website by using podcasts?” Well that answer is incredibly simple. When you start your podcast, mention your website address and the benefits of visiting there, and also do the same thing at the end of the podcast. Sometimes you will have to spell out the name of your website, because people will type it in wrong on their web browser.

Podcasting is a hot marketing medium. A lot of celebrities use podcasts in their business. One person that I know for sure who uses podcasts is financial guru Suze Orman. She mentions it every time on her show, and she gets a lot of downloads because of it. The drawback with podcasts is that sometime when your podcast is long (like 30 minutes or so)…. the size of the file may be large.

How large? About 400MB and above. Unless you have a super fast computer that downloads things quickly… you could be waiting around for a long time waiting for your podcast to finish downloading. So whenever you make your podcast, test it. Submit it to iTunes and see if the download speed is quick, or long.

If it’s long, see if you can condense your information into a more smaller size by cutting down on the podcast time. This is necessary sometimes because people don’t have all day to wait on your download to finish. Some people are still using dial up connections to connect to the internet, so this is something that you want to consider also.

Just focus on delivering outstanding content via your podcast and you will be good to go. Be sure to speak clearly and use good microphones. Don’t settle for a cheap web cam that can record audio because I assure you that the audio quality will not be good. You will hear a lot of static in the background, and it will sound unpleasant. And this could cause your followers to stop listening to you because you’re so hard to hear.

So invest in some good equipment. You could probably go to Radio Shack and pick up a good microphone there. Or you can certainly look on eBay and Amazon.com for one also. If you have a camcorder at home, test out the quality of the audio of the camcorder and see if it’s worth using as your primary podcast recording device.

Podcasting is something that a lot of people need to get involved in because it’s something that can revolutionize a business, and get you more customers for free.

Good luck with using podcasts in your business today.

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