Wear Purple to Support Vitiligo Global Awareness Day

Vitiligo does not have any painful effects or significant health consequences. However, it has a real and sometimes devastating emotional and psychological impact on patient lives. The exact cause remains a mystery, although medical experts have different theories on what might trigger the loss of pigment. Some explain it with an autoimmune disorder, others say it is caused by a particular combination of genes. It is true that heredity is always important, especially in this case, but definitely not the whole story. It turns out that vitiligo can also be induced by severe emotional stress.

It affects both males and females of all ages. The resistant network of cells in the immune system has the amazing ability to fight off and prevent different infections but in vitiligo, a person’s own immune system starts attacking the melanocytes – the skin’s pigment cells, responsible for skin color. The damage of pigment cells results in white spots or patches all over the skin and sometimes also on the lips, genitals, eyelashes and eyebrows. Vitiligo can be diagnosed by a dermatologist usually based on physical examinations, medical history and laboratory tests. It is in no way contagious or cancerous! Vitiligo is not aggravated by certain foods and unfortunately, keeping a healthy diet would not have any impact on its progression. The vitiligo experience has a profound influence on the patient’s work, life and relationships. This is why increasing public awareness of vitiligo will be an effective way to improve patient lives.

There are hundreds of medical research foundations and campaign centers, undertaking different initiatives for training and research. World Vitiligo Day is conducted every year on June 25th and aims to build global awareness about the complexity of the disease and the different social complications associated with it. We can get involved and share the knowledge we have by planning educational campaigns or posting about it on social networking sites. On this day, millions of people all over the world put on a purple ribbon and decorate everything in purple. As we’re dealing with a challenging condition, emotional support is needed. Awareness programs are also conducted by various international welfare organizations, committees and dermatologist associations for supporting millions of patients and their families. There are also many celebrities who take part in such campaigns to show that vitiligo doesn’t have to get in the way of your life.

People show their World Vitiligo Day support by printing messages onto different promotional products like T-shirts, pens, caps, keyrings, wristbands and many more. Over the past few years, the popularity of wristbands has increased big time. It’s an inspirational accessory used by people of all age groups as they can wear these anytime and show them to everyone they meet. The exciting thing about this popular fashion product is that it can be customized as per the customer’s request in different colors, types, widths and sizes. These are made of 100% silicone, they are non-allergic, durable and can last for eternity. Design your purple wristbands online and use messages such as “It Takes Tough Skin to Rock Vitiligo”, “World Vitiligo Day” or add your own.

You’ve probably noticed that many dermatologists wear such bracelets to show their dedication and support. They also offer free skin check-ups on this special day to create awareness for other pigmentation disorders, too. These items are available in debossed, screen-printed, ink-filled, embossed, and colorized embossed styles. You can print the message inside and outside of the band. Because of their durable nature, they last practically forever. These can be ordered through online stores where you will find numerous personalization options before placing your order. See for yourself!

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