Wear One Shoulder Dresses for Sex Appeal

Are you ready to get a little flirty with your next look? If so, add a few one shoulder dresses to your wardrobe for the spring and summer season. These dresses are a good option for any age range, appealing to youthful sophisticated people and to those who are a bit more experienced who want a modern look. The key is to check out all of the options in shoulder dresses from designers this season, since you will want to have a few go to options in your wardrobe.

Basic Works First

Every woman needs to have a great piece in her wardrobe and that will be the one shoulder, black dress. This is your favorite little black dress for the spring and summer season. Choose an option that hugs your body’s curves in all the right places. Since the one shoulder strap does draw the attention upwards to the bust area, be sure to select a dress that fits you well in this area (no over-spillage or too much room in the dress.) Have the dress tailored to fit well as needed.

Add Design Elements

Another popular designer look for this season will be the one shoulder that offers a bit more designer appeal to it. Specifically, choose one that is a basic color and that fits properly but not overly snuggly in the bust and mid section. Then, allow the bottom to flare out somewhat to create a more forgiving look for those who have a bit more to hide in the bottom. Some of these dresses are also able to offer a few decorative items, such as zippers that tailor down the edge of the dress to draw the eye to the front and middle of the dress.

Ruched Can Help

Another way to add more dimensions to the one shoulder dress is to select one that has more ruching on it. Ruching is simply layered fabric that helps to create a design. The good news is that this ruching is quite a popular option this season. You may have noticed several celebrities wearing it throughout the awards season, too. It can be very forgiving, if worn properly. Choose a dress with true dimension that fits your body well, though. If you look like it is too tight and you are uncomfortable, you lose the overall appeal of this dress.

Don’t Forget The Color

While that little black piece is a good option, do consider options with a bit more color, too. Choose light colored purples and pinks. You can even throw in a bit of a pattern or unique color combination. These are great short dresses and they can look very stunning at your next party.

The right dress for your next event is one that fits your body and shows off at least one shoulder. These tempting, one shoulder options are ideal for virtually any look you may be after. The question is, how many should you have in your wardrobe this spring and summer season?

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