Twitter Your Way to Online Success

Twitter. That’s the buzz word of 2014. The social networking site has taken on the world in the last few years. From humble beginnings, the site has now reached out to become one of the most popular web 2.0 sites of any kind on the Internet. Celebrities including movie stars, athletes and even politicians use Twitter to reach out to their base. So how can you use Twitter to reach out to (and grow) yours?

Before we go any further, let’s talk about what Twitter actually is, because many people still don’t really have a firm grasp on that. Twitter is a service that allows users to post a brief blurb about themselves, what they are doing or really any topic of their choice. They can post or update that blurb as many times throughout the day as they choose.

Their blurb is sent out to their world of “followers” or people on the Twitter site that are essentially friends or fans of yours. The message is limited to a length of 140 characters, so obviously brevity is key. You don’t have to worry about writing complete, grammatically correct sentences and thoughts. You just have to get your message across crisply and quickly.

Like any other site, Twitter has its own set of best practices and accepted forms of interaction. It’s very much a reciprocal community wherein if somebody signs up to follow somebody, it is likely that person will then respond by following them. It’s also a community where spreading the word about others is well received and encouraged. If you really establish a strong presence on the site and you send out a useful message to your followers, then your followers will immediately send out that message to their own list.

That’s what it all boils down to, making yourself an active member of the site and really participating in the community aspects of the site. Being a one-way sales pitch for your product or your website may produce some results if you have a strong group of followers who are interested in your products already. But you won’t reach out to anybody new and you won’t really draw in attention except for when people want something from you (a sale or a discount for example).

But if you are a two-way community member you’ll see greater returns. Follow people who follow you and follow other people you are interested in. Tweet about what they talk about and spread the word for things that you legitimately have an interest in. Then others will start to do the same for you. You’ll find that posting information about a special sale, new products and other business specific pieces of information are actually well received on the site if you’re reaching out to a community that you have invested into.

That makes Twitter a potentially powerful tool for seeing more traffic and making more sales. As with all other social networking sites and communities you need to learn the way of the land and fit your actions into expected modes of behavior rather than trying to make an existing community fall into line with your tactics. Having a basic understanding and learning for yourself through active participation can make a big difference in your success.

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