Top Twitter Tips to Crush Your Competition

Here are my top tips for using Twitter. Start using them today to grow your following and grow your business for FREE:

Your Profile

o Add a link to your website in your profile and include http:// so it’s a clickable link, this’ll help with Google rankings too

o Use keywords that are relevant to your niche or business in your bio, it’ll help people find you and know what you’re about

o Use a head shot for your picture in which you can see your eyes, people follow people so your picture is more effective than a logo

o To grab extra attention for a while change your picture by flipping it upside down or on its side, but remember to put it back

o Avoid the temptation of using transparent or animated gifs, they only annoy people after the initial novelty has worn off

o Keep your Twitter page colours, logos and images consistent with your website and other social media accounts

Sending Tweets

o Keep a spreadsheet of your best tweets to re-send at a later date, good content is worth repeating over time

o Tweet in blocks of around three, this’ll help you stand out more in peoples busy and overcrowded Twitter streams

o Send regular tips and quotes as well as just links, a 3:1 ratio of pure content to links is a good ratio

o Use appropriate hash tags but use them sparingly, don’t jump on the trending topics bandwagon, it’s unprofessional and ineffective

o Keep personal tweets to a minimum if you’re using your account for business, but ask questions like what are peoples plans for the day

o Use [AUDIO] and [VIDEO] tags in your tweets which contain links to these types of content, otherwise such formats might annoy people

o Tweets are effectively headlines so make them stand out and appealing to your market

Gaining Followers

o The best tip to obtain targeted followers is to follow other people in your niche, approximately 20% will follow back

o After a few days it’s OK to unfollow those who haven’t followed you back as by then they probably never will

o An easy way to find targeted people is to follow the followers of a celebrity or other key person in your chosen niche/area of interest

o Twitter has imposed a limit of 2000 followers, but you can actually follow up to 10% more people than follow you and exceed this limit

o However, try to keep the number of those you follow below your number of followers, it looks much better that way

o Aim for a steady increase in followers, gain too many followers too fast and Twitter might suspend your account

o Keep churn below a few hundred a day, churn is the total number you follow and unfollow, start slowly and ramp up gradually

o Add your Twitter URL or Id to your websites, stationary and email/blog signatures, the more places it appears the better

o Having people retweet (RT) your content increases your exposure, limit your tweets to 120 chars so people using the old system can still RT

o Simply adding a call to action like ‘pls rt’ will encourage people to retweet your content to their followers

o Follow celebrities in your niche, reply to their tweets with highly relevant content/links and sometimes they’ll retweet your content to hundreds of thousands of their followers

o When a key celebrity in my niche first retweeted my content I wrote this blog post about it – The Power of Twitter Celebrity Retweets

Interacting with People

o Interact with those who send you tweets and reply to you, Twitter is all about interaction, not just one way broadcasts

o Don’t send automatic Direct Messages (DMs) to new followers, it’s ineffective and people consider it SPAM

o Don’t use validation services like TrueTwit unless you really need to, they just annoy people and drastically reduce your following

o You can create lists in Twitter so create a separate list of people who engage with you, these are people who are most receptive to you

o Use Twitter to promote your other social media accounts (Facebook, linked in, etc) so people can interact with you in other ways

o Remember that one of the main purposes of Twitter interaction is for people to know, like and trust you – keep this in mind in all you do

Managing Twitter

o Use a twitter URL shortener like to tweet links, you can then track how many people clicked the link and see how effective the Tweet was

o Create different accounts for different niches or purposes, you’ll need a different email address for each though

o Create lists and searches to keep track of groups of people and subjects/hash tags you’re interested in

o Use a tool like TweetDeck to manage your lists, searches and accounts, there’s also app versions for Smartphones

o Use a tool like to follow and unfollow people, you can follow people in bulk and see who’s not following you back, etc

o You can add people to lists who you don’t actually follow so they won’t appear in your main Twitter stream, not many people know this

o Consider different time zones when using Twitter, if you send a tweet before lunch in the UK most people in the US are still asleep

o Using Twitter in evenings and at weekends is most productive because more people are using it then

What you should do next: print this out, have a read, start implementing these tips and don’t forget – Twitter can be great fun too…

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