Tips To Become An Alpha Male

Alpha males are the confident, powerful guys, the leaders of men. They are the executives, the business owners, the athletes and the celebrities. They usually have men crowding them wanting to be their friends, while they fight off women wanting them as romantic partners.

The opposite of an alpha male is a beta male. A beta male is a follower of men and dateless with women. Betas are the typical “nice guys” whom everyone thinks would make a good husband, but few women actually want to date. He is timid and has trouble asserting himself.

Would you rather be a beta or alpha? If you’ve picked alpha male, then keep reading to see my tips.

Demonstrate High Value

There are 3.5 billion men in the world. What makes you unique? Are you worth knowing? While women talk about the importance of looks, women typically pick men based on their power and strength rather than appearance (although good looks help). That means if you want to become an alpha male, you also have to be powerful and high value.

In contemporary society, value and power come through wealth, success, and leadership. So, ask yourself this question: are you high value? If not, you’ll need to find ways to show your worth. You can do this by becoming fit, taking positions of leadership, and even achieving fame and wealth. Whatever you do, find a way to show you’re unique, valuable, and worth knowing.

Be A Funny Guy

This may not seem like the best tip to become an Alpha Male, but it’s actually quite effective. Humor is so important because it’s a way to show your value to others (cheaply and quickly, I might add). The key is to be original and think on your feet. This can be accomplished through situational humor where you make jokes and observations based on the situation where you find yourself. This forces you to be unique, gives you unlimited material for routines, and can make your humor relevant to your listeners. You’d be amazed at how much others will like you if you’re funny.

Get An Edge

Earlier I mentioned how nice guys are often dateless and friendless. By nice guys I mean dudes who are agreeable, overly accommodating, and bland. That’s right. Guys who are wimpy and too nice are bland to women and other guys. The solution is to develop a bit of an edge. Now, this doesn’t mean to turn into a jerk. The world doesn’t need any more jerks!

You can avoid nice guy syndrome by standing up for yourself, freely expressing your opinions, and refusing to be a victim. You don’t want to overcompensate by being mean and nasty while doing any of this. In fact, you will show your power and strength by firmly asserting yourself. However, don’t deviate into aggression or violence. Then, you’ll just be another loser.

I hope you enjoyed my tips to become an alpha male. For more information, check out my author resource box.

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