The Future at the Palm of Your Hand

'Feeling' and 'Touching' the Luck

The emergence of Philosophy and the development of science had left a dent or had shaped humanity's approach in life. If an individual feels a bit hesitant to go outside, that person would simply read the newspaper, tune in to news or browse the internet regarding the present weather updates. Those updates were derived from empirical data that 'weather men' observed using some complex tools or apparatus. Nonetheless, before philosophy or science, humans had been dependent on the observing the wind, star and the like. This was their reality that is mythology. Mythology explained in a way or two why it could rain, why plant today, etc. Palm reading had been a very old practice of predicting what lies ahead. Those who practice it asserted that the future (literally) is on the palm of the hand and these lines should be read for guidance. In this contemporary era, palmistry could have had been dethroned from its lofty recognition regarding accuracy, nonetheless, to learn a bit of a background of this practice would be certainly interesting.

Bringing out the Psychic in Oneself

Palm reading or Palmistry is all about assessing or reading the lines of the palms and feeling some vibes and construing them. Being a psychic is not a qualification to read palms. All an individual has to do is to have a perceptive intuition or conditioning and some instinctive interpretation. It is as if reading the persons' personality 'through the lines' of an individual's hands.

Reading Through The Lines

The following are some of the significant lines of a palm

Spirit line or the Pre-Life Line

Pre-life or Spirit line is the one that circles the thumb under the life line. These lines represent the 'lives lived' before the actual real-time life (reincarnation in a sense).

Faith and Fate Lines

These are the lines that are proximate near the life line and that seem to be broken. These lines show or represent spiritual convictions (if there is any) and if those beliefs have altered in the course of time.

The Head Line and the Love Line

These lines are situated a the above the palm close to the fingers (love lines) and the lines that pass through the center of the hand just beneath the love line and above the life line is the headline. Headline is said to be a universal line. It is obviously the line representing rationality or way of thinking. The Love line may be a bit complicated because of variety of possible interpretations. The lines involve show how many ex's the person has. The longest line in this region could represent the greatest, longest and the more meaningful relationship or 'love experience' the person ever had.

The Life Line

The line that passes down the underside of the palm and the thumb is considered to be the life line. In checking or interpreting the lifeline, one has to see where the line starts. Try to see if there are discontinuities, large or small gaps. Life line, like the love line is also a bit complex as per interpretation. Its position gives various interpretations such as how the person values ​​what he or she possesses at the moment. Reading palm or doing palmistry if taken seriously could be very complicated, but if it is done in casual manner-just to know or to get an idea of ​​the different personalities in a gathering then doing it could definitely spell fun.

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