The Beauty and Meaning of Vine Tattoo Designs

The beauty of a vine tattoo design resides in the fact that it can be simple yet still hold a wealth of meaning. The vine tattoo can be done in a number of ways that can accurately describe the wearer’s personality. Not only is it adaptable, a vine tattoo design also holds in itself deep historical, cultural and religious values.

It is believed that Jesus has likened himself to a vine and named his followers as branches. The vine is now a seen as a symbol of resurrection for Christians. Others see it as a spiritual connection with God while some also perceive it as a symbol for peace.

For Pagans, it was viewed as a sign of eternal life and death. They come to this opinion because of the vines characteristic: the ability to keep a tree standing or destroy it with a strong hold.  Celtics see the vine as an emblem of physical and mental strength. In other cultures – specifically the Romans – the Ivy was seen as an emblem of immortality. One Roman god who is always depicted wearing an Ivy crown is Bacchus, representing merriment, revelry, wine and mirth. For Bacchus, the Ivy is a factor to increase the intoxicating effect of the wine.

These are not the only interpretations for the vine. Varied cultures have varied opinions when it comes to this plant type and it could be up to the tattoo enthusiasts on what the vine will symbolize for him.

The simplistic design of a vine tattoo promotes a pattern that will never go out of style. Also, a vine tattoo is a good choice for tattoo virgins. This is because you could easily customize a vine and add up to it in case the opportunity arises.

The parts of a vine tattoo can hold meaning in themselves. Females tend to lean more on the colorful, flower vines that add a certain feminine air to the design. Males usually go for the ones with the thorns. However, no matter the vine tattoo design you pick, each ink may have an interesting story behind it. Because of its easy-to-scale pattern, a vine tattoo design can be easily placed anywhere on the body. The most popular places where the vines are usually wrapped are the biceps, wrist and ankle. Others who prefer a much larger scale have the vines wrapped on their arms and legs. When picking one, you will also come into the decision of how the vine will climb, the position of the branches en even whether or not to use floral designs.

Others have successfully incorporated their names within the vine design. This is an excellent way of personally customizing your tattoo. Vine tattoos are also quite popular in celebrities. Some personalities who have this design include Christina Applegate and Billy Joe Armstrong of Green Day. Applegate has it on her ankle while Armstrong has it on his arm. Vine tattoo designs are attractive in that they offer a wealth of options for the enthusiasts. One could easily start off with a small tattoo and simply add things to the vine to make it more original.

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