Song Titles That Could Serve As Newspaper Headlines

President Trump has had so far a somewhat contentious relationship with various members of the media, although that situation has been true of many men who have sat in the Oval Office. He has also been a celebrity, another occupation that often leaves people cynical toward the media.

Add musicians and recording artists to the list of those who frequently dispute with members of the press, dating as far back as the Sixties. John Lennon, even more than the three other members of The Beatles, repeatedly bantered with reporters.

One of Lennon’s biggest musical influences, Bob Dylan, occasionally turned his distaste for reporters into songs. “Ballad of a Thin Man” from Highway 61 Revisited is an obvious example, where Dylan lashes out at a fictional journalist he calls Mr. Jones.

Dylan even on one occasion insulted a colleague by calling him a reporter, according to legend. While traveling with fellow folk singer Phil Ochs, Dylan berated the protest singer by saying he was not a songwriter but a journalist.

Ochs did often write songs about current events, and he even called one of his albums All The News That’s Fit To Sing. Sometimes the song itself was titled like a headline, such as his hit “The War Is Over.”

Here are song titles that read like headlines, all by artists who were popular in the rock era from the Sixties to the present.

Five Men Were Killed Today by REO Speedwagon

Before Kevin Coyne joined and helped the group make the Top Ten, Terry Lutrell was the lead vocalist. He does the singing on this song from the Olympus debut, whose title could describe a tragic news account.

The Boys Are Back In Town by Thin Lizzy

Phil Lynott led his group on their breakthrough album Jailbreak, which contained this hit single that might apply to an article about a baseball returning from a long road trip.

Everyone’s Gone To the Moon by Jonathan King

If the title of this hit were indeed the headline for the front page, I am not sure who on this planet would be reading it.

The World’s On Fire by the Housemartins

P.D. Heaton composed this anti-religious track for the alternative British band’s album, The People Who Grinned Themselves To Death.

The Queen Is Dead by the Smiths

The title track from what many fans consider their best album has Morrissey poking fun at the Royal family.

Vinnie Charles Is Free by John Gorka

Most likely it would be a small town weekly that would carry this story of a man who was just released from prison.

Jesus Just Left Chicago by ZZ Top

If it really were to happen, this sentence would undoubtedly be the banner headline of The Trib.

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