Social Network Marketing – How To Grow Your Business With Twitter

Social network marketing is a new method of marketing that is not understood by many people. Sure, if you do not know what you are doing, you will be disappointed. This method of marketing needs a different approach because the audience is not in a buying mood. Actually, social network users hate advertisements, banners and all that affiliate selling nonsense. Users on social networks are there to share experiences, play and communicate with friends.

The last thing they want is an annoying affiliate ad. However, if your approach is right, you can make a killing with social networks. You can grow your business with social networks if you know what you are doing. This article explains how to get leads with Twitter. Twitter is a popular social network that is used by many celebrities and business owners.

Step 1: Create a Twitter account by signing up on the home page. It is easy to sign up for Twitter. Twitter does not ask for many details. You simply enter your e-mail and username that you want to associate with your account. Within minutes, you can have your Twitter account made and ready to use. In creating a Twitter account, you must choose a username that is easy to remember and one that is popular in the search engines. This way you can get easy traffic from people that that are searching for or interested in what you are offering.

Step 2: Link your twitter address to your website, email and other social network accounts. Now that you have a Twitter account, you must let your friends know that you have created a Twitter account. If you are an observant internet user, you will find that most websites have a link that allows visitors to follow them on Twitter. Put the ‘Follow Me’ link on your website/blog and in all your online communications, e. G. Email, Facebook and even in your articles. Getting followers on Twitter is easy. When you ‘follow’ somebody on Twitter, that person will most of the time reciprocate by following you as well.

Step 3: Get targeted leads. Since you are running a home business, you also need Twitter followers that are interested in your services or products. You can find targeted leads on Twitter by using the right keywords in your tweets. The message must be short and interesting. Make sure that you use the keywords in your heading and in the message body. The chances are, people who are interested in what you have to offer will do a search using these keywords and they will stumble on your tweet and follow you.

Step 4: After you have obtained enough followers on Twitter, say over 1000 followers, you can begin your marketing. Use your tweets to inform your followers about anything new or interesting but that is relevant to your home business, your products or services. You should write informative articles about your products and send tweets say every 3 days. Your tweets or articles should not only be about selling, but they should give free advice and useful information.

Always remember this rule that applies for all your social network marketing activities, only give value, don’t become one of these spammers that only spread advertising everywhere, this is not the way to go if you want to build a real sustainable online business that will last a lifetime. This is your name, your brand, treat it as your most precious asset.

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