Should Celebrities and Politicians Fear “The Pelican List?”

Based out of Hollywood, a Private Eye named Anthony Pellicano, or “The Pelican,” faces serious legal trouble. The controversy may also embrace many famous celebrities on his client list.

“The Pelican’s business operations are under scrutiny by federal investigators. A subject of an ongoing federal investigation for alleged illegal wiretapping, ‘The Pelican’ gives private eyes like me a bum rap.” In this business, wiretapping is illegal in all 50 states. Except for very limited stipulations in California and Arizona, federal law prohibits recording conversations without at least one party’s consent.

“Only a few private eyes find themselves in a position like Tony Pellicano. Serving an affluent client list is not the norm for private eyes. He is the exception to the rule. His client list included well known names like Dustin Hoffman, Tom Cruise, Michael Jackson and scores of other showbiz bigwigs. Allegedly, the Clinton’s retained “The Pelican’s” services. So we have not heard the end of this story.

“This is a very explosive situation.”

“The Pelican List” has been obtained by the Federal government. Their probe includes a search of Pellicano’s company computers. With today’s technology, federal investigators can easily determine who paid him. “Those clients who retained him will be shelling even more retainers – this time for lawyers.It’s going to get expensive, a price tag attached to criminal activity.”

In this case, the “Pelican” might need the witness protection program through the US Fish and Wildlife Service. “The Pelican” also needs to worry about extinction.”

This is one probe with far reaching consequences – and one client list that will make history.

© Bill Mitchell 2006

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