Sania Mirza Vs Controversy

Stardom comes with a cost. And sometimes that cost is a heavy price to pay. Being in the spot light is not as easy and comfortable as it looks. The first time you are thrust in to the hands of fame, you see the world through rose tinted shades and everything is just peachy. The incessant adulation perks and the paycheck is tantalizing. But once the glamour of it all wears of all, the uglier layers of celebrity world is exposed one by one, till one realizes, it is just a sad little life reeking of desperation. Everyone wants a piece of their star, and some literally do. Your privacy becomes a thing of the past. You whole life completely transforms into the façade that you had put up initially to get their attention. And now you just want them to leave you alone for at least a few minutes. Life becomes a paradox.

Tennis stars usually attain celebrity status quickly owing the global audience. Roger Federer, Rafael Nadal, Serena Williams, Venus Williams, Maria Sharapova, Martina Hingis, Leander Paes et al are example of famous celebrity Tennis players. Sania Mirza might not be a global celebrity but she sure is all the rage in India.

Sania is a prolific tennis player. She rose to fame quite quickly and has managed to stay in the limelight since. The fact that she is quite easy on the eyes also did wonders to Sania Mirza profile outside of the tennis world. She juggled between, Championship titles and photo shoots. She was the quintessential sports star celebrity. She was everywhere: national television, billboards, Internet, magazines and even newspapers. It was this overexposure that did her in finally. She started courting controversy one after another, or rather, controversy stalked like a love sick psycho. From criticism by Muslim fanatics for inappropriate sartorial choices to her very wedding, she has encountered myriads of problems along her career. She was photographed with her feet near the Indian flag and was tagged unpatriotic; she was photographer vulgarly by paparazzi who are skewed in their heads; she broke of her engagement with her childhood sweetheart citing compatibility issues which painted her in a very unflattering light; then she married Pakistani cricketer- Shoaib Malik, which became the cherry on top of the cake. After a particular point, Sania became so frustrated that she decided to stop playing in India for a while, as every time she did, she was in the news for all the wrong reasons.

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