Private L.A. By James Patterson & Mark Sullivan – Celebrities, Murders, Mafia, Scandal and Private

A thrilling and gripping novel yet again by James Patterson. An enjoyable read that you will find difficult to put down before finishing it off. The story begins with 4 men being murdered on Page 2 itself, it can’t really get any more thrilling from the word go. As you flip pages, you realise that death count is increasing and so is the tension with the most famous and powerful Hollywood couple’s vanishing act from their ranch.

Jack Morgan is over-stretched trying to juggle his team between two high-profile cases, which should actually be handled by FBI but no one wants FBI in the scene now do they want to own it up, unless things start to go out of hand. An explosion kills one of Jack’s team member and his best friend injured and paralysed. Jack wants to give up the case but then he never learnt to give it up when going got tough. The FBI team who is brought in has some people he knows and is friends with. Soon, FBI and Jack’s private are working together of sorts.

It soon gets established that the Hollywood’s most powerful couple haven’t vanished but have been kidnapped, now Private starts investigating the very people who hired them in first place and soon after fired them for poking their nose into their business. Jack and Justine can just not stop, now its personal and they want to find the truth, whatever that may turn out to be. They keep sneaking information about the power couple, until they discover facts that they wish they didn’t know, until all the pieces of the puzzle start forming the big picture and they see the whole truth, entire scam.

Jack is in love with Justine, but they have a difficult relationship which is going nowhere and lately she is acting very weird. Is it because she has found someone else or is she sick? Why does Justine, who is herself an expert therapist, go on to see a therapist for herself? Jack is himself in trouble with his twin brother trying to implicate him in a murder, which he hasn’t committed. Jack’s best friend is in hospital and he himself working like a maniac, no rest, no food, no sleep but yet determined and sharp as ever.

A gripping page turner, unstoppable kind of book that one can just not put down for another day. Not sleeping one night is fine, but leaving the book in between, before the entire mystery unfolds, really difficult. Do read for the sheer pleasure of a good gripping story.

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