Nation, Over Politics!: When Will Enough, Be Enough?: 6 Factors

Don’t we deserve, better service, and representation, from those we elect? Haven’t we been suffering, through, a prolonged period, of public officials, who place, their own best interests, personal/ political agenda, and partisan politics, ahead of quality policy, to benefit, the citizens of the nation, and the world? I’m sick, and tired, and not going to take it any more! These famous lines, from the movie, Network, should, help us focus on the bigger – pictures, and we must demand better! With that in mind, this article will attempt to, briefly, consider, examine, review, and discuss, 6 factors, to understand, and, address, so our political system, becomes far more relevant, and sustainable!

1. Enablers: Other than his core supporters, and followers, most people would admit, and recognize, much of what, President Trump, articulates, and does, are, potentially, not, in the best interests of most of us! While many opponents of this individual, seem to blame him, predominantly, for many of these ills, his behavior and rhetoric, would have limited impacts, if we didn’t let him get away with it. It seems, many of those, in his political party, have decided, they are ready, willing, and able, to be enablers, for their own, personal/ political agenda, and/ or, self – interests!

2. Fears/ fearful: We seem to be going through a period of time, when we are being guided by our fears, instead of our hopes, aspirations, and the relevant, sustainable needs, goals, and priorities! It seems many of these politicians, are fearful of crossing this President, fearing his wrath, and the impact, politically, on their political and personal futures!

3. Personal/ political agenda: Wake up, America, and demand better! Say, no, to public officials, who, constantly, prioritize their personal/ political agenda, and/ or, self – interest, ahead of the best interests of the nation, world and its citizens!

4. Political advantage: Regardless of whether you agree/ approve of President Trump, or not, you should realize, he seems to be a master, at using rhetoric, and theatrics, to gain political advantage! When there are scandals, he denies, and accuses others!

5. How much proof?: How much proof/ evidence, do you need, before you demand more, and better? If we don’t wake up, soon, the sustainable future of the world, may be, at risk, because, Trump, articulates a message, denying Climate Change (and its dangers), and ignoring the importance of taking better care of the environment!

6. Do they have a conscience?: Do these people, possess a conscience? Are they short – sighted, don’t care, ill – informed, fearful, or what? Will these politicians, ever, become statesmen?

Isn’t it, way, past time, when we say, enough, to those, who, refuse to take responsible actions, regarding significant issues, such as sane gun control/ safety, the environment, freedoms, liberties, justice, etc? It’s up to you, to make them, prioritize you, or to elect people, who will!

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