Money is a Mathematical and Sociological Anomaly

There are two kinds of people in this world, wolves and sheep. The Wolves are those that control the fluidity of money, the people that create money and opportunities. Equally, this power also follows a basic law in nature; “Every action has an equal and opposite reaction”. Not to continue to sound too pompous…this basically means those who giveth…can also taketh away. World leaders, Large corporations and governments all have this power…but is it theirs to behold?We are taught from a very early age in a system that is fundamentally bias. We are taught the skills to read, write and spel (yes, that typo is deliberate)…and equally how to interact in basic social circumstances. But are we taught…or are we trained? It is my belief as a UK citizen, that we are trained to act and react in a specific way that basically, after 12 years of compulsory education, makes us very good sheep indeed. I am not trying to start a debate on the educational system, because that would be pointless…those who teach were once taught…and quite frankly, since money was invented as means of control long before you and I…this debate would be never endless.

So what am I saying?

Money has shaped the world in every aspect of our lives. Money IS our lives, it is vital we have money to live…but it is not given to us freely. We are victims to that which we desire most, we are stuck in a money driven culture that makes us crave it, long for it and ultimately…there is no easy way to get our hands on it. We have to earn money, which is fundamentally by behaving and working in the controlled ways we are pre-programmed to accept as “life”.

Money has one very curious quality. To the best of my knowledge, it is the only entity outside of nature…that may use itself…another of its kind, to make more (inflation/interest). I have raised this point many times before and quite frankly, reveled in the amount of disruption it causes amongst friends. Cruel I know. The ultimate point of frustration is that no matter how hard they try to be clever, it always ends up being a natural event…

Money was invented. Let me say that again. Money was invented. It was invented around 1500BC by the Phoenicians to regain control of the bartering of goods. It was invented as a means of control, a linear trading platform, a means equalling all transactions of any particular item controlled by one and one only. So in a day and age where “freedom” is on the tongue of every world leader, why are we still governed by a means of control invented 1000’s of years ago? Well, because there is no alternative for a start. Because it is all that we know and our entire civilisation is based on the ever changing foundation of money. It is ever changing because by concept it is flawed. It is flawed because of the many reasons we have been taught over the years; economical turmoil, crashing prices, lost equity and revenue…etc…blah…etc. These are merely descriptive words used to analyse what is happening around us (might I add, descriptive words invented and taught for the means of such its purpose). As far as I am concerned it is all a waste of breath…as the people preaching it are the biggest sheep of all!

The main flaw in money, is not what it now stands for, what it equates to abroad, it’s value, it’s ever evasive nature…

The problem with Money is us. The squidgy organic bit that needs it or will die. Why are we as a species subject to an apparent ‘law of nature’ that was created by man? Money is domination. Simple.

I wrote an article recently which talked about similar concepts only it is based in more real life situations due to the recent economical turmoil. What both articles point out, is that money cannot belong to any one individual entity or unit…because in doing so it simply does not work. The concept of money, does not work. But how so and what now? Well, unfortunately…unless you believe you can convince others that this is a viable explanation then there is nothing you can do. The only way in this world you may be truly free from money is to not need it, therefore relinquishing the factor of control and necessity it has. You may do this by one of two scenarios. 1) You find a thriving ecological habitat in which you may live without any influence from the outside world (not my personal preference I must admit), or; 2) You become a wolf. Someone so rich no amount of negative events would ever be of significant effect.

In physics the theory of relativity is unshakeable and a proven mathematical certainty. I would however, like to make a minor addition to their law; “Every action, MUST have an equal and opposite reaction”. Put simply, if there is no consequence, no reaction, then there is nothing…you have created something from nothing…and left nothing in its wake.

Now let’s apply this theory to money. For an individual to become 100 units richer, another must become 100 units poorer. There can only be so many units in the world and as such, if we were all to have an equal amount it would be worthless. My point? The basic mathematical, logarithmic, algorithmic, and scientific plain unarguable relativity of the concept of money states;

“For those at the top of the pyramid to be rich by power; the rest of the people MUST be poor by default.”

Want to make yourself richer? Or do you want to make the world fairer…

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