Mayra Veronica – A Brief History And Her Career

Sometimes changing homes and migrations to popular countries or content become very lucky. Most of celebrities come form unpopular areas and they get famous in a very short time. They may belong to Arabic countries or South Asian but they get popularity which makes them renowned all over the world. This is about Mayra Veronica who born in Cuba but shines as a model in USA. USA is the most popular place all around the world She is spending her life full of pleasure and happiness in USA where she dates, live, and be famous all around the globe.
Her little Biography

Mayra Verónica (born Mayra Verónica Aruca Rodríguez August 20, 1980 in Havana, Cuba), is a Cuban model and celebrity who was born in Cuba but acquired her fame in the United States. Artuto Aruca is his father and her mother is Mayra Rodríguez. She is younger than two other kids of both. Artuto Aruca belonged to a popular Cuban rock band "Los Dada". He was the musician and singer for the band. Mayra and her mother migrated to America when she was 4 and they lived a poor life without money and under shelter until her father came to America as well. Relation between her parents was worst so she has to pass her childhood in an awkward living. She struggled very hard and earned a Psychology degree and minor in Theater from Florida International University.

Gil Dezer is the luckiest person with whom she dated and he happened to be Donald Trump's partner, in which the media criticized a lot.
Her career.

Univision's Don Francisco was the place where she started her career, she played a role of a model with a beautiful body, this is where Mayra first caught the attention of FHM magazine. Mayra Veronica did the cover of Smoke Magazine but she did 2004 FHM calendar before that and later she is added to FHM Collection book. She is the first Cuban face who appeared in Smoke Magazine.
Spanish Spoken TV Shows are the places where Mayra Veronica appeared most. She also managed to win over the audience, as she was voted to be their favorite cast member on "El Gorrdo y la Flaca". She also managed to get in some of the video clips of the modern music community, she joined Frankie J. in making the video "Pensando en Ti" also did a lot of commercials, and got really famous for doing them, she continued doing Don Francisco in which helped her make the 2005 calendar reach number one.

She did a solo album as well in 2006. Her album was rated in top 10 albums of 2006 so that is another part of her career. She was then interviewed by a lot of the E shows including Extra. It was said that when Mayra Veronica moans she makes Madonna's erotic sounds, sound like a little girl. In these days she is in a contract with multimillionaire recording company and she is at her peak of career.

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