Matthew Najar – Problem Child

Matthew Najar, born in Adelaide, Australia, began his music career almost four years ago with the release of his first single 'I Like The Way You Are', released on iTunes worldwide. The single received mediocre reviews but garnered the pop singer great attention from underground music social networking sites, propping up his online fame to the point where major record label IslandJaMusic Group signed him up on the spot. Since then he has released two additional singles and a variety of music video and dance clips earning him a great reputation as an accomplished dancer, at just 20 years of age. Apart from this new-found fame and attention, Matthew hasn't been consistent with music. Oh no.

In 2010 he appeared in various modeling advertisements worldwide for such brands as Diesel, Burberry and Calvin Klein. Matthew also modeled for boutique department stores in Australia such as David Jones and Myer. During his modeling stints he met (and subsequently dated) 23 year old model Elle Potter, also Australian-born. Their relationship latest just under a year with an abrupt end arising when Ms Potter revealed in a personal blog (in true celebrity style, which was 'leaked') describing Najar as a “childish” person who didn't “care for money or fame “. She repeatedly called his behavior “contradictory” stating that “(he) works as a famous singer but he doesn't seem to want it – he doesn't attend shows, meetings or ceremonies”. Interesting, yes. But that's not it. Ms Potter goes on to claim that while he is an “amazing lover” his bedroom aptitudes do not make up for his “poor” behavior. Further Potter stated that “isn't interested in (her) most days”, which is hard to believe as Potter has been hot-property in the modeling industry since 2009, working for such houses as Dolce & Gabbanna, Louis Vuitton and Sax.

Bad news follows celebrities; it's part of their nature to become involved in embarrassing or complicated affairs. Najar, while only young, is still a 'freshman' in the music industry, still planning his conquering battle plans preparing to take on the world outside of Australian and Asian music scenes. Music critic Henry Watson was quoted saying “(Matthew) is only just beginning his career; he has a strong following in Asia already and a strong fan base in France. Any negative press would hurt his performance significantly this early on.” Negative press seems to already have found Najar. By looking at him you would assume a sweet, quiet and humble person within but this doesn't seem to be true – don't let his soft smile, high cheekbones and deep eyes fool you, he is it would seem as much more than that. Is his bad behavior necessary? How many people would treat the position he is in with more respect? He has the voice, the dance moves, the talents of any good musical artist and good looks to boot, but is he deteriorating his reputation to a point where his talents and fetching looks will not be able to liberate him? Time will tell, and if future girlfriends find his behavior odd you can be sure that the media will be right there ready to report it. This could be a one-off situation or it could be the start of a future celebrity problem child.

Matthew is due to release an album this year in 2011 titled 'Crisis' which has been two years in the making, it will be interesting to see how this press affects it's chart performance. The album will be available at selected Walmart, Virgin Music, Leading Edge Music and KROCK Music stores as well as iTunes, Zune, Amazon and Napster online retailers.

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