Marketing Tips With Twitter – Using Social Media Responsibly

Twitter is one of the latest rages in technology. People use this social media network to follow celebrities, friends, and family or keep up to date with important announcements by organizations during emergencies. Some people have also realized its potential for marketing their businesses. You may be looking into Twitter as a tool for your business or you may already be using it and looking for tips on how to improve your use of it.

You can post mini-blogs, tweets, of links to your website to followers, but do not overdo it. Twitter is a social media network, and people like to be entertained, so be sure to give them entertainment. Scatter posts with jokes, sayings, and links to amusing videos or sites. Instead of simply accosting your followers with ads, build relationships with them by posting things about yourself and your business. You can give a brief biography of yourself and how you started the business, what your mission statement is, etc. People like to give their business to others they know and trust, and in the age of internet and telephone deals, Twitter allows people to connect in a more personal way.

Another key is to know what you want to say. Although this sounds like an obvious thing, it is very important. Twitter allows you to post up to 140 characters at a time, which is only a couple of sentences at most. You want to have a comprehensive picture of the information that you want to share, so you can plan each post to give your customers part of the big picture.

Listen to what your followers tell you and what they talk about. If some of your customers criticize one of your products or services, then do not just tell them they are wrong or ignore their comments. Ask them what they were dissatisfied about and what your company can do to make their next experience better. If you show a real interest in providing for your customers, then they will notice it and pass on word.

Do not forget to connect with other businesses in the same field as you. Not only can you learn from your competitors are doing, but they might also give you some tips on strategies that have worked for them. It is better to learn from someone else's trial and error rather than make all the same mistakes for yourself. Keep these strategies in mind whether you are devising your marketing plan for Twitter or adjusting it and watch your business grow.

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