Is There Anything At All That Isn’t ‘Googable’?

It’s a lot easier to find answers in Google than in any library catalog, book, or encyclopedia. You can save a lot of time and energy because you don’t have to sort through trillions of indexes or pages. Google does the sorting for you. It has the Googlebot which finds and fetches web pages, it has the Indexer that sorts and stores every word on every page, and it has the Query Processor which matches your search with the most relevant database entry. In a matter of seconds, you find what you’re looking for. Google’s mission is “to organize the world’s information and make it universally accessible and useful.” After all, knowledge isn’t knowledge unless it is shared.

There’s more to Google than just information handling. It is a brand name, and it ranks first among the world’s top global brands. The table below shows its ranking during the last five (5) years.

It is the world’s biggest repository of knowledge. You can find nearly every information you need – the world’s top records, glossaries, directories, catalogs, dictionaries, thesaurus, encyclopedias, publishers, magazines, newspapers, full text language translators, global clock, financing, grants, scholarships, history, quotations, biographies, music, literature, art, science, math, stores, malls, maps, universities, jobs, professional services, home products, celebrity news, technology updates, industrial products, cars, real estate, medical help, free music files, free videos, free eBooks, free games, free images, photos, tutorials, law gazettes, the laws of the world & the laws of the web, educational networks -the list is endless. Whatever it is, just Google it and you’ll get it.

Google is also a global company with more than 70 offices all over the world and 21,805 employees from different countries. There’s a Google University that offers free tutorials and an open source code. Google also offers products and services such as social media, shopping cart, industrial goods and services, computers, AdWords, AdSense, Alerts, Analytics, Slap, Answers, content submission gateways, blog search, scholarships, mobile services, free calls, detailed search tools, recreation, food recipes, programming help, interactive satellite maps/locators, a product directory, a business directory, shopping list, a newsletter, Gmail, a foundation, grants program, groups, free translation tool, a community service program, web accelerator, a video upload program, world news, the Orkut social networking, screensaver, free software pack, travel, references, celebrity news, movies, laboratory, book search, research publication, page rank/site stats/ratings, ride finder, cars, gifts, religion, sports, YouTube, Blogspot, and the list of Google products, services, & affiliates keeps on growing.

Google is the internet’s most visited website, according to Alexa (the web information company that provides statistical information about websites such as traffic, ranking, etc.) It is not only the best but also the most powerful brand in the world, according to Brandz, and the fourth best place to work in according to Fortune Magazine. During its initial public offering, a Google share was worth US$85. Today it ranges from $481-$490 and had a record high of $700 per share.

Google is not just a search engine, it is evolving to become a part of our daily life. It is a powerful tool for progress and development. The eCommerce, the ebooks, and all the electronic information that the internet (and Google) shares with all help us save a lot of paper, and our precious trees.

Google is a noun, and it is also a verb (i.e. “Please don’t ask me, just Google your question.” and an adjective /adverb: “Is there anything at all that isn’t Googable?” Try googling your name or the name of a long-lost friend. If you’re in Facebook, or Friendster, or Linkedin, Google will find you. If you’ve been in the web for quite some time now, don’t be surprised to find your personal info in Google. Anything that is in the web can be found through Google. If your name automatically appears in the search bar after you’ve typed only a few letters, then you’re in the index of Google. Send me an info if you got something significant that isn’t Googable yet, and we’ll submit it to Google.

Copyright (2010) Ma. Francia Bengco (Copyright 2011 assigned to Webnovation).

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