Icy Challenge to Receive

Does the Ice Bucket Challenge have your head spinning?

As an executive coach and board member of a non-profit organization, I've been wondering as you probably have: How can we create a viral sensation for our cause?

My question to you is: Are you prepared to receive?

I just participated in the Ice Bucket Challenge. Being called to dump ice on my head or pay up, made me want to learn more about the organization I was going to contribute to. I started to wonder if the ALS Association, which I knew nothing about, could properly handle the huge money infusion they were receiving. Before making my donation I became curious to research this issue and easily found:

  • a financial report and colorful charts readily available online,
  • their high rating on Charity Navigator,
  • an informative website to learn about their work,
  • values, mission and priority clearly stated, which helped me understand their part in the movement to cure ALS,
  • evidence that they are powerfully networked and part of a bigger movement,
  • this organization is transparent .

The ALS Association rates well on many fronts and they are now challenged on what to do with all they continue to receive. I was encouraged to read that they are now going to slow down and turn inward, to decide the best use of the increased funds and attention. An ALSA spokesperson was quoted saying: “We're really going to take a step back to how we're going to spend this money”.

This campaign has raised my awareness of the disease and compelled me to learn about a particular organization. If ALSA was not a well matched candidate for this financial infusion, I don't believe the celebrities and large donors would have gotten behind it and there would not be a viral campaign.

When I sat at my computer to make my donation, I started with a Google search, “als ice bucket challenge rules” and at the top search was the ALSA site, identifying themselves in conjunction with the challenge. I immediately knew I was in the right place since they told me so in many ways. They are showing videos of the various challengers, they are giving updates on numbers for new money and donors. When I clicked on donate, the page noted: “Welcome, Ice Bucket Challengers!” This organization is prepared and ready to receive.

I'm using the ALSA as an example, it's not about them. It's about us as leaders and the organizations and business we are responsible for.

I'm challenging myself and the leaders I work with, to grow organizations and businesses that are fiscally responsible , externally evaluated , clearly know their purpose for existing , are networked and transparent .

I CHALLENGE and nominate YOU to look inward to see if your house is in order. Is your organization, business, and team ready to receive a windfall of attention and resources?

Are you prepared to receive?

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