How To Get Rid of Saddlebags and Love Handles

Saddlebags and love handles are terms we use to affectionately describe extra fat carried around the outer thigh area and on the sides of the abdomen, respectively. Saddlebags are very common in women, especially those who live a sedentary lifestyle. However, love handles are present in men and women alike. If you have saddlebags and love handles, then you’re not alone. With more than 60% of American adults considered overweight and obese, there is no shortage of saddlebags and love handles.

Remember that when trying to get rid of saddlebags and love handles, spot treatment is not an option. Spot treatment is when exercise is focused solely on your problem areas. We hear accounts of celebrities doing 500 crunches a day when they were asked about their tight abdomens. More likely, 500 crunches is just one of the exercises they did to get those tight abs. Losing your love handles is not going to be easy. It took years to get them where they’re at and it’s going to take time losing them. Doing spot treatment without a sensible diet plan and exercise may even compound the problem. Saddlebags and love handles are fat deposits. You have to lose the fat first to appreciate the beautiful muscles underneath. For this, you will have to consider a fitness plan that aims to lose fat and build muscles.

A cardio workout is indispensable when trying to lose fat anywhere in the body. Some fitness experts believe that to maximize fat loss, cardio exercises should be done before breakfast. They reason that it uses up stored fatty deposits because there are no carbohydrates to utilize. Aim for at least 30 minutes of cardio exercise daily. Depending on your weight and exercise activity, you can lose up to 250-300 calories. You can also supplement your cardio exercises with activities like walking, climbing stairs or even dancing if you feel like it.

Weight lifting and weight bearing exercises help to shape your body. Talk about your curves being in all the right places. Muscles are firm and smooth while fats sag and look dimply. Not only do muscles look infinitely better, they also make you feel lighter. For love handles, some specific exercises are oblique crunches, torso twists, side bends. They place direct stress on the oblique abdominal muscles forcing them to tone and shape up. The best exercises for saddlebags are squats and lunges. Biking, jogging and walking also help in toning thighs and legs. Do these exercises 2-3 times a week.

Exercise coupled with a low fat diet plan is a sure way to reach your fitness goals. Love handles and saddlebags can be managed with a fitness strategy that includes cardio and weight bearing exercises. Done consistently, you will achieve your goals sooner than you expected.

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