How Do I Get My Business Started on Twitter?

Twitter has taken the Internet by storm in the last few years and is a fantastic platform to network and build relationships as well as get fresh visitors to your blog or website and exposure to your brand.

It is, in its essence, a micro-blog that is simple to understand and easy to use. You just type in or text your message within 140 characters and your followers are able to view that message. You can direct tweets at other users, direct message them as long as you are both connected. By opening up its API Twitter has enabled users to access Twitter through desktop apps, online apps and mobile devices that has contributed to its popularity.

Many Politicians, celebrities, Business Gurus and Corporations have all embraced Twitter and use it to Tweet their thoughts and messages to the world. The mainstream media have also taken to Twitter with major news channels and newspapers featuring it in their stories as well as using it as an audience participation tool.

There are of course millions of ordinary business people also using Twitter to communicate and widen the exposure of their brand, whether this is a personal blog, or for products and services.

To get online at Twitter just go to and create an account. Your username will be your permanent Twitter URL so think about this before you plunge in. It's important to have a good one line bio which is found in settings. Think about the keywords you would want people to find you with and include these in that bio. You'll also be able to put your website or blog URL here too.

A photo is really important if you want to attract followers. People will want to know more about you and a photograph really helps, preferably the same one you use for other social media networks to keep your brand consistent.

Next you will want to have designed background, again relating to your brand. You can Google Twitter backgrounds to find designers that will help you create a professional looking background (recommended) or have a go yourself with Photoshop or a similar program.

By following people you like or in the same area of ​​interest as you, you will start to attract followers back and slowly begin to build your network.

On Twitter, like many social networks, there is an art to how you behave and promote yourself. You should participate with other users and build those relationships for the long term, just like you would in real life.

Many people make the mistake of pumping out links to their products or services with little or interaction with users and using Twitter as a broadcast system. You may get some results this way but by and large followers will not warm to you and you risk missing out on the much larger benefits such a long term client and customer relationships and repeat business.

Your Twitter content does not need to be just links and tweets about you and your business. In fact it's better if it isn't just about you! Provide links to other blog posts, videos, articles and social media snippets on the web that interest you and your audience and you will be ret replies and loved!

Happy Tweeting!

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