History of Gladiator Sandals

Gladiator sandals came into the picture after the movie Gladiator starring Russel Crowe. Many were caught by this fashion and it became even more popular after Gwyneth Paltrow wore it last 2008. Celebrities wore it and soon the masses too. It was enjoyed for its versatility since it could be worn with formal or casual attire. These do not fit every body shape, but it nevertheless became trendy.

Women’s gladiators have indeed caused a fashion trend over the years. Many decide to wear them because it is flexible to wear casually or with a dress. Many are made for comfort and durability as well. These sandals are a great alternative to the more traditional looking ones. Men’s or women’s gladiators are available in the market and it is but right to take a deeper look into the history of these sandals and how it became a fashion trend.

Gladiators were usually prisoners of war by the Roman Empire. They were made into slaves and sold. The best of these prisoners underwent special training to become a gladiator. Criminals were also trained to be gladiators. On the other hand, there was a special group of gladiators who fought for money and prestige. There were some women who became gladiators, but this was later on stopped.

Those who trained gained big muscles and usually had a bulky body. Having gladiator sandals that were fastened securely and were lightweight was a big help during the fight. The lifespan of a gladiator in the past could reach up to only 27 years of age. Those who were able to make it to 30 years of age or survived 3-5 years as a gladiator were granted freedom which was something sought by all gladiators.

Today, gladiator sandals have created an impact in what men and women wear on their feet. These are known for its aggressive look and are also known to put a sensual touch to the wearer’s legs. There are all sorts of designs from those that have straps below the ankles to those that are knee length. Straps vary in thickness. Designs also vary in the way that it is looped around the ankles or legs. With hundreds of designs to choose from, picking women’s gladiator sandals might be somewhat difficult. Here are a few tips that can aid you in finding and wearing the sandals best for your feet.

1. Buy sandals that are shorter if you do not have an above average height. Choose one with thinner straps that go below your ankle.

2. Choose sandals that have heels to flatter your legs.

3. Choose gladiators with heels and have fewer straps.

4. Choose women’s gladiators with thin straps. Thicker straps have a tendency to make users appear stout.

5. Get a pedicure when wearing one.

6. Gowns with a Greek touch, summer dresses, and slim jeans look wonderful on these sandals. Regular jeans can also look good paired with it even if you buy gladiators with thicker straps.

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