Harry Winston Engagement Rings – An Exclusive Class Of Jewelry

These rings are the perfect examples of how a small piece of jewelry can appear too stunning to be true. If you have also planned to get these Harry Winston engagement rings for your fiancé, then you have definitely made the right decision.

Why to opt for Harry Winston engagement rings?

These are quite unique and come with many exquisite designs as well. If you like to stand out in the crowd with some exclusive designs, then you should definitely be choosing these rings only. No matter what your expectation, they will likely be superseded by the excellent quality of the engagement rings provided by Harry Winston. You will be able to find their rings in every high street diamond jewelry shop. Moreover, they maintain their stores in malls as well. If you are a pop culture followers, then you shall buy nothing else because it is preferred by celebrities as well.

These rings are designed with the most high quality diamonds and come win many exquisite styles as well. The most important fact that should be considered about these rings is that they focus more on quality than on quantity. Instead of getting the largest of the diamonds, they focus on getting the most perfect and brilliant diamonds with the most precise cuts. This makes all these rings completely unique. Don't expect anything that is mass produced or found with every second lady. You shall be getting more beautiful and more unique things for your fiancé and this is the best way to tell how special she is in your life.

The Winston jewelry is quite desirable because it provides a very wide selection of engagement rings to the customers. Most other manufacturers stick to a few common designs. Whether it is an emerald ring or a diamond ring, you will be finding the same old designs with these manufacturers. However, Harry Winston engagement rings are different and their designs have inspired many other manufacturers to bring more variety to their catalog as well. It is quite obvious that you will be finding a ring in your preferred style and designed at Winston's very easily. You will be finding many classy as well as modern and elite designs with this manufacturer. Their jewelry collection is definitely worth a try.

As we have talked a lot about the kind of rings and the styles available, you must definitely be curious to know about this manufacturer. The company bears the name of the founder Harry Winston. The rich history of this manufacturer dates back to the year 1932, when Harry Winston started his own jewelry brand. It became a huge success and the designs by him were a rage amongst the customers, a trend that remains till date.

The company is a titan in the jewelry designing business. If you know about the Hope Diamond, then you must definitely know about Winston. The designer became a household name because of the hope diamond which is now a part of the Smithsonian museum. That was a time when the real streak of diamonds started for the company and the Harry Winston engagement rings lineup was created.

It was often quoted that Winston was quite reluctant to sell his engagement rings. This was because every diamond was crafted with great passion and he used to fall in love with every diamond he crafted. The beautiful designs of the rings that he made are a hallmark of his design sense. All the Harry Winston engagement rings were assembled by hand.

Harry Winston engagement rings in pop culture

The most recent affairs of the Harry Winston engagement rings with fame have come because of a favorable response from countless celebrities. If you remember the (in) famous wedding of Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck (the original Bennifer of Hollywood), you must definitely remember the pink diamond engagement ring that made headlines in many tabloids. This beautiful ring worn by J-LO was designed by Harry Winston and has been one of the most talked about celebrity engagement rings of all times. Affleck also gifted Winston engagement rings to Jennifer Garner. Halle Berry also wore one of the rarest of their rings in 2002, called the rare orange pumpkin diamond. These diamond rings have been adorned by most of the leading ladies in the glamor industry that ranges from Marilyn Monroe to Angeline Jolie and Madonna to Gwyneth Paltrow. It is time for you to buy one.

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