Finding Portrait Originals of Celebrities

It could be pretty much agreed that celebrities are people who have a creative streak in themselves. This is what pushes them to follow their art, whether it be acting, writing, figuring out creative new moves in a sports game, or standing in front of a crowd and delivering a passionate speech as a politician. Most of these people have creative talents which gives them an urge to explore multiple activities. This is why many different celebrities tend to dabble in different areas of artistic expression, one of them certainly being painting.

Along with being creative individuals, many celebrities are very critical of themselves. When they work on a project, many times they are very aware of the need to make a statement and assert themselves with their work. In fact, if they do not try to use their art to make the world a better place, they feel as if they are failures. In addition to this, though, even when these artists are simply exploring their creative sides and gaining experience in techniques, they will often pick subjects that are deeply personal to explore, something that they can critique about themselves.

This has given way to a number of celebrity made self-portraits. Many celebrities will often try to depict themselves in a variety of lights, from critical interpretations where they try to depict themselves showing the very nature of their own souls, to light-hearted and even comical renditions where they exaggerate many of their features. These self-portraits can be incredibly deep and insightful or more humorous and jovial. Either way, they become items which are highly collectible and rather rare. Anyone can paint a picture of a celebrity, but it isn’t often that celebrities craft pictures of themselves. In fact, very few celebrities have made self-portraits.

John Lennon, Ringo Starr, and Paul McCartney have all made self-portraits, some of which are available for purchase. Jerry Garcia, David Bowie, and Janis Joplin have also experimented with painting self-portraits. These different celebrities have all used their creativity towards expressing themselves through the media of art and as a result, have produced some of the most collectible works of art that have ever existed. Self-portraits by celebrities are images which are usually not widely shared, making them not only rare, but something secret and special as well, considering that so many members of the public have never seen them.

Celebrities need not necessarily express themselves through self-portraits, however. Many celebrities experiment with painting in a way that is not directly representational of their images. Some celebrities craft paintings based on their inner feelings, giving the world a view of what their souls look like. These paintings are often collectible pieces in themselves, all the more when they have been autographed by the original artist. Whenever a popular celebrity branches out and explores other mediums, those items often become collectible for the sake of their existence, irrespective of the level of artistic value that the piece may hold in itself.

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