Feeling Empowered? It’s Time to Show the World What You Are Made of! Reach Up and Go Get It!

Empowering yourself in a world full of hate, violence, and let down seems almost redundant. Seeing that you still haven’t got ahead at all. It really doesn’t matter how much money you have. It didn’t take some celebrities long to discover this. We have great celebrities, but some just get tired. They allow drugs to keep them down and out. Who’s to say why they are not happy with themselves. This goes to show you that you can have all the money in the world but still be unhappy. Some celebrities allow drugs and alcohol to take them out. At some point in our lives, we need to ask ourselves are we really happy. If some celebrities are truly happy, they would empower themselves to make it and move on.

Failure doesn’t have to resort to drugs, alcohol, or illicit sexual behavior. Failure can empower you to do better and be better. Life situations are there to make us strong. What is a purpose driven individual? This is someone who take their life challenges and learn from them. They move on with one thing in mind. This is to succeed. Ask individuals such as, Bill Gates, Tyler Perry, and the late Steve Jobs. They will tell you that success didn’t happen overnight. They had some hard times. It wasn’t easy! They didn’t allow the situation they were in to cause them to back down and give up.

Sure! Some things we go through can knock the very breath out of you some times. But there has to be a fight to not give in or give up. We can never know what our future holds. We can never determine the next hour or minute that we are alive on this earth. We don’t control those things. That’s the greatest part about life. We get to lose control of our destiny so that some other individuals may enjoy what we have to offer them. Whether it’s hope, food, shelter, love, joy, peace, or just simply enjoying that moment with them. To someone who do not have, it means a lot! When we get down. We don’t get the privilege to waddle in it. We get the right to get up and start over again. “Life wasn’t meant to be perfect. It was meant to be well lived!” Author Kisha Rivera says. “Just Do It!” Says Nike. Live Out Loud!! Keep moving ahead!

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