Famous People With Phobias

Phobia is an abnormal fear of something. People may suffer from phobias of different kinds. Some people have water phobia, some have claustrophobia, some are scared of heights, loud noises or just about anything. There are several peopling who are famous and have the silliest of phobias. For example, aviophobia is very common and many celebrities suffer from it. This phobia is basically fear of flying. Knowing that they have to travel frequently, this phobia does not help the celebrities who suffer from it.

Some of the famous people who suffer from aviophobia are Natalie Woods, who is hydrophobic Whoopee Goldberg is aviophobic, and Mohammed Ali also has the same phobia. Some more celebrities who have aviophobia are Billy Bob Thornton, Ronald Reagan and Aretha Franklin. Some of these people are known to be brave or tough and yet they suffer from such phobias.

Tennis Star Andre Agassi is known to have arachnophobia, which is fear of spiders. Several people have it, but many do not express it. Author Anne Rice is scared of the dark and this phobia is known as ahluphobia.

Napoleon Bonaparte has suffered from ailurophobia, which is the fear of cats. Adolph Hitler was known to be claustrophobic.

A phobia is just not having only fear but also they have other conditions like the person passes out or gets stressed out when he or she is put into a situation where they have to face their fear. There are therapies and medications available to fight different phobias and these medications help to calm the mind. People may behave differently when they are excessively stressed out.

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