Earn Money With Twitter

Unless your computer has been existing in an internet free zone for the last few years you would undoubtedly heard of Twitter.

You may have dismissed the whole Twitter thing as a waste of time?

But there are a number of highly successful internet marketers, real world companies, celebrities and politicians who are using twitter to increase the amount of exposure they get and therefore increase their potential to earn money from Twitter generated leads.

So first things first what is Twitter anyway?

Well one definition of Twitter is:

“Twitter is an information network that connects people through the exchange of quick, 140-character messages often called Tweets.”

Twitter has so many registered users, over 75 million, and growing daily, many of which have entered their ‘bio’ into Twitter. This gives you access to a huge searchable database of potential money spending customers.

Now it must be said at this stage that there is a lot of time wasting drivel being said (Tweeted about) on Twitter on a minute by minute basis. But also there is also a lot of useful info and leads to great content in a multitude of arenas.

So one of the first thing to learn about Twitter is how to be selective about gaining the correct exposure to the people, organisations etc that you want to hear from.

On Twitter you are not limited to one user account, Twitter is different from Facebook in this respect.

This enables you to set up a Twitter account for each of the areas or niches you are interested in. This is very useful as the people interested in ‘Antiques’ for instance might not be interested in ‘Information Marketing’ and visa versa. You can then set up two Twitter accounts and direct your energy into getting a group of like minded souls for each niche.

In Twitter the group of like minded souls are referred to as your Twitter followers.

As with any marketing endeavour, effort is now needed to establish rapport with your group of like minded souls, so that they get to know you and what you are about. People need to trust you and what you have to offer before they will part with a penny of their hard earned cash.

It has been documented many times that the average number of emails in a marketing campaign needed first to gain rapport & trust before someone will buy from you is seven. Because of the nature of Tweets (maximum 140 characters) I would suggest that the number of Tweets will be even higher.

But the nature of the Tweets should be to designed to build up that rapport and trust. One of the best ways to do this is to give away good content – with no strings attached i.e. no opt-ins at this stage. It also helps very much if the Tweet is a joy to read, it could be funny, informative, saving money etc – but if you pump out boring Tweets people will not spend time in reading them.

If people are enjoying your free content on a regular basis, then offering them a larger freebie such as an e-book with the requirement of an opt-in will make them willing to do this.

Once you have them on your database you can let them travel down your marketing funnel in the normal way.

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