Drug Addiction Among the Celebrities

There are no limits to drug addictions and the problem never picks who it is going to affect. Because of the globalized world the celebrity lifestyle is more known and there is a lot more pressure on these individuals who often revert to drugs. Of course its nothing new to hear that another celebrity is going to rehab to try and get over the addiction that they are suffering from. Its just a normal part of the Hollywood lifestyle.

Of course we have all heard about the big name celebrities such as Whitney Houston, Keith Urban, Charlie Sheen, Robert Downey among many many others who have gone through drug rehabilitation for the drug problems that they face. Of course the list is a lot, and I mean a lot bigger that that. The question is why are so many celebrities resorting to the life of drug addiction?

Just like the normal people out there who suffer from the stresses of life, celebrities suffer from problems different to those of the average person. They of course have to deal with problems that are much bigger than that of an average person. They along with normal stresses of everyday life have to deal with newspapers, managers, critics, media, and not to mention that every single thing that they say is recorded down.

In the world of the rich and famous the celebrities face a lot of insecurities. When these celebrities try to find a way out from these insecurities a way out for all the problems that they face, they often resort to drugs as a solution. Of course this is not including the problems people face with suddenly becoming famous.

There are a lot of different cases about those normal people gaining instant overnight fame, which most are just not capable of coping with. Living the private life that they were used to just is not an option anymore as the newspapers and media are always there to record their everyday movements. Of course that does not include the tons of fans trying to follow the celebrity everywhere.

Of course there are those people out there that claim that they will never face the troubles of drug addiction as though they are immune from these troubles. They often say that because they have so much money they will never get addicted, its only a try out thing anyway. Being a celebrity is more stressful than any other type of occupation and more often than not a person will resort to drugs because of the stress that is caused.

Of course any drug addiction whether that involves celebrities or not is still drug addiction. Its the same level of seriousness and is as difficult in both ways. This is why so many celebrities sign up to rehab to try and get over their problems. The most famous rehab centres that house a lot of celebrities are trying to overcome their problems of drug addiction include Promises and the Betty ford clinic.

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