Disadvantages of Using Twitter

If you are still wondering whether you should join Twitter or another social network, you might be considering what are the advantages and disadvantages of each platform. In this article, we will highlight what are the disadvantages of Twitter.

The main disadvantage of Twitter is it's confusing interface, especially if you are not tech-savvy. In fact, Twitter is a micro-blogging site and therefore does not conform to the convention of traditional website or even other social networking platforms. The first time you sign up to Twitter, you might find yourself wondering what to do next, as if someone has dropped you in the middle of a war zone with no instructions but “What's on your mind?”. Especially if your friend are not on Twitter, you will find the first days on Twitter particularly lonely. While Twitter advise you to follow celebrities to get started, you will often find that these celebrities do not have time to answer your tweet, so you might as well start mingling with 'normal' people.

Once you start socializing with people, you will soon realize that Twitter is ruled by what I called the 'dictatorship of followers'. In fact Twitter users seem to compete with themselves (as humans often do in other contexts) regarding who has the most followers (and who is following the less), and therefore people are often hesitant in following you. One disadvantage of Twitter is that it relies a lot on appearances. It can be really frustrating when you are at the bottom of the ladder and you can't seem to be able to get more followers: this causes a lot of Twitter users to quit the platform when they realize they will never get more than 30 followers .

Finally, the last disadvantage Twitter has is its stream, which can be highly confusing once you follow more than 100 people. Indeed, at this point you will not be able to keep track of the stream in a meaningful way, and while Twitter clients allow you to organize your stream I can not see how you could possibly monitor a 1000 people you are following. And as your Twitter account grows, you will soon notice the two biggest plague of Twitter, followers churn and spams. Follower churn is a technique used by so-called Twitter marketeers to grow their Twitter account by following and unfollowing people by the hundreds; and spams are all over Twitter, spreading affiliate links all over your Twitter stream. According to my most conservative estimate, there are at least 5% of fake accounts on Twitter (as I said, this is REALLY conservative).

To conclude, in my opinion Twitter has a lot of disadvantages. First of all, the user interface is really confusing, especially when you are not too tech-savvy. Secondly, everybody on Twitter is dying to get more followers, and this creates some kind of unhealthy competition between Twitterers. Finally, you will find that when your account grows, it becomes impossible to monitor your Twitter stream, due to the avalanche of tweets. All in all, it is up to you to decide whether there are enough advantages to justify you signing up to Twitter.

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