Current Comment: Female Teacher Harshly Treated

In the UK, ever since the criminal career of a popular TV personality was exposed, much publicity has been given to sex crimes perpetrated against children. As one more entertainer after another has been caught in the web of the police investigation the impression has grown that sexual predation is a malignant affliction of celebrity. To date, the principal offenders have all been male, and the scale of their offending has been so extensive that it has exciting the outrage of the media and the general public. So has an unfortunate female former head teacher been caught up in a frenzy that crossed the gender divide?

Even in these days of statutory gender equality it must still be recognized that there are ingrained divergent attitudes towards male and female sexuality. Men who sow their wild oats, especially before they marry, have always been viewed tolerantly, and male virginity, as opposed to female virginity, was discovered only in the recent feminist era. So to be sentenced to eight years in prison for inducting two young men into manhood seems a very harsh punishment. Surely this crime can in no way compare to the predations of the celebrity paedophiles who deflowered numerous underage girls and raped many girls and women during careers extending over decades.

Gentlemen were always expected to conceal the identity of their conquests so the lady in question was unlucky to encounter two who were prepared to kiss and tell. It would have been unlikely to have happened before the era of the current hunt for male paedophiles and seems to have initiated a case in which all concerned forgot to make the necessary gender adjustment.

Many adolescent boys dream of initiation into adult life through the administrations of a mature woman. Some not favorite by an amorous aunt resort to professional ladies who ply their trade near secondary schools. Often, the fantasy is focused upon a teacher, but a teacher who becomes involved is obviously jeopardizing her career. Some punishment is deserved, but the inevitable public disgrace should also be taken into account. Community service would be more appropriate than a custodial sentence. Eight years in prison is a very harsh punishment even though with good behavior the convict is likely to serve only four.

This case involved a distinguished teacher and educational administrator who had rescued a failed school and returned it to efficient operation. Such people are invaluable in our education system and all too rare. We can hardly afford to lose any years of this valuable service. Her successes were recent while here misdemeanours were far in the past. It seems that the lady made her amorous mistakes while still in her twenties. Is there any evidence that now in her mid-fifties, she still has a predilection for teenage boys? Surely she should have been allowed to serve her last productive years in a position free from temptation, so that the nation could continue to benefit from the exercise of her exceptional skills in this vital area.

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