Coolest Angel Tattoo Ideas for Men

Angel tattoos for men look quite wicked and masculine; it increases the person’s sex appeal and with celebrities endorsing these angel tattoos, there has been a sharp increase in the number of men clamouring to get their personalized angel tattoo done up on their skin. They can be simple and beautiful with elaborate wings, or vengeful or avenging ones; men also prefer archangels or can even be guardian angels inked on your skin so that you have a very safe feeling of your personal guardian angel looking after you. They can be elaborate and large or small in size; they can be inked onto your arm, side or back.

They can represent protection, strength, morality or even beauty. They can be depicted in various ways including peaceful, wise or even brooding and dark. Men also get angel tattoos as a dedication to a very important woman in their life. Two important angels in Christianity are Michael and Lucifer, Michael is usually depicted in armour and fierce in looks, Michael had led the angels in the fight against Lucifer, hence these archangels usually depict the fight against good and evil. Some of the popular angel tattoo designs are as follows:

• Angel and devil wings – One is beautiful and delicate the other is dark, shedding and dripping in red blood.

• They praying with folded hands and wings open ready to fly.

• A simple beautiful angel with wings folded and a halo on top of its head.

• An angel with wings in sorrow.

• A crucified angel with open wings.

• An angel in elaborate detail.

• Big beautiful wings in simple black with an angel kneeling down.

• An angel with a tiara with her back to the world with a Latin saying at the bottom.

• A small baby cherub sitting and praying to the world.

• A cupid ready to shoot its love arrow into the other half.

• An angel praying to God for parents with “mom””and “dad” written below it.

• A sad and depressed fallen angel sitting dejectedly.

• An angel praying for a loved departed one with rest in peace written above its halo.

• A dark fallen angel with its wings spread out and a sword ready to slay anyone in its path.

• A cross surrounded by wings.

• A fallen angel with its wings shedding and transforming into hands.

• An angel and devil in the side pose

• A flying style spreading the message of hope and peace to the world.

• They emerging from the flames ready to spread its wings and fly.

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