Choosing A Password: Mind the Letters and Words in Your Password

1. Don't choose predictable passwords like ascending or descending
numbers or letters like 'abcjohn'.

TIP: See the example of the password below-

“I met two of my Friends one week back” can be chosen as
password: 'Im2omF1wb'

2. Don't choose the following as your password:

* Names

* Birthdays

* Familynames

* Words from dictionary

* Telephone numbers

* Social security numbers

* Street names

* Celebrities names

3. Change your password frequently, often 4 – 6 months.

4. Always use random letters like 'nK / Gv4sS0'.

5. Use both uppercase and lowercase letters.

6. Always use different passwords for different accounts. If you have
one main password to different password protected folders keep one
password for each folder.

7. Most common mistake everybody do is emailing passwords. Instead of
using the utility 'Forgot password?' on login pages, write down all your
passwords in a book and keep it in a safe place.

8. When ever you sign up for an account they will send you a username and
password. Note them and delete the emails especially with free accounts
like Yahoo and Hotmail.

9. Don't tell anyone your password. If it is a must then change it to
different one.

10. Use long passwords preferably more than 6 characters. See the chart
here: (Provided by

Password characters – Password Format – Time taken to track down

4 charac – both lower or upper case – less than a few seconds

4 charac – both lower & upper – less than few seconds

8 charac – both lower or upper – approx 58 hrs

8 charac – both lower & upper – approx 7 years

10 charac – both lower or upper – approx 5 years

10 charac – both lower & upper – approx 4648 yrs

10 charac – both lower & upper and numbers – approx 26984 yrs

10. Don't check the 'Remember the password' checkbox in your 'Enter Network
password 'pop up window.

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