Britney Spears Will Win Over The Evil Soon

Britney Spears is really going through a tough time. She is covered and uprooted by a psychological storm, an emotional distress that is unsettling her and pushing her to commit suicide in the rehab!

666 was the number marked on her bald head when she was last seen running in the premises of Promises Clinic in Malibu. Report says that she was shouting and calling herself Antichrist. This all happened just before she attempted to hang herself down with a bed sheet from a light fixture inside the complex.

Some also add that paramedics rushed to the spot for her security reasons. Perhaps they are finding some evil association (666 being the number of evil) in this situation.

Kevin Federline, her estranged husband, visited her in the rehabilitation center along with both the kids. Sources say that she is planning to give themselves and second chance to start life afresh.

Close friends of Britney Spears had the opinion days back that she should go for a proper psychological treatment. And according to some sources she was subsequently kept on a suicide watch.

There are also some reports claiming that she ‘abused drugs’ and had a long association with them. This was a major reason as Jason Alexander (her ex-husband) put it in an interview, behind breaking down of their marriage that lasted only for 55 hours and a few minutes. ‘She needs help’ – he added in the interview.

Earlier this year, we had the news that Britney was battling with alcohol and drugs for her inconsistent behavior, though at times she was seen in good spirits. As of today, even a passerby will say that, those good signals have faded out in deep black forest.

However, it may be true that the entire world is being sympathetic with her present situation but Simon Cowell has something different in his mind. He thinks that for Britney and her type, it is too much of a fashion to be in a rehab. He also said that ‘Britney and Robbie need to get a grip’.

This comment from Simon Cowell can be irksome for diehard Britney fans but some find solace as Simon is already branded as a homophobic who takes much pleasure in mocking the mentally ill people. For others it is just not the right time to take these usual, frank and forthright words from this multimillionaire American Idol and X-Factor panel judge.

However Brooke Shields has offered sympathetic hands to Britney Spears, when she came to know that the pop diva was suffering from depression and hopes that she will soon get out of this traumatic situation.

Let us hope that she wins over all the evil – soon!

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