Avon – The Only Success Formula For A Splendid Business Model

We cannot just forget the fact that among the MLM companies, Avon has been outstanding for the past 125 years. Avon celebrates its 125th anniversary grant this year. And it began with its world tour which started in Fort Worth, TX earlier this year with none other than the most reputed CEO, Andrea Jung. Ms.Jung is the most valued CEO in the Fortune 500, and wish her luck for the next ten years.

Avon provides maximum investments in their clients and provides them various benefits. A huge amount is spent on advertising featuring many of the famous celebrities like Reese Witherspoon, Fergie and the latest is the Platinum skin line ad done by Jacqueline Bisset. The brand is mainly for ladies, but we find that many brave men have started supporting their wives and finding an income by being a part of the company.

Avon’s Efforts In Dealing With Women

Today Avon Foundation extends its philanthropic views in helping the issues faced by women. The foundation has made its donation of around $800 in more than 50 countries. Recently they launched its new mission to make funds for research works in breast cancer. The annual crusade raises fund through walk-a-thons. Avon fights the violence against gender race through speeches. Their special recovery team helps people when there are natural calamities like floods, hurricanes and other things. Avon always spreads its helping hands.

Symbol Of Faith

Avon stands for its brand. Their products have been globally accepted and remains as a veteran in the selling industry. Just imagine that per second for lipsticks are sold. Unimaginable! Avon has a wide range of products ranging from cosmetics to fine jewelry and from kitchen accessories to seasonal items.

Best Earning Tactics

There are many ways by which we could earn an income both selling the products and earn commission. The second option is that we go into a sales leadership and involve others in this venture. The strategy changes every now and then so that by 2011 any representative could earn a $150 as their bonus income.

Best In Its Class

Avon suggests that their dealers use the best class tools like social networking, Facebook and Twitter. Avon teaches people to shop. Personal websites are set up so that the general public can reach their thoughts and ideas to the concerned authority through eBrochure.

Customers are free to know about any clearance sales and the distributors get information regarding their orders.

After all these years, Avon still continues its journey right ahead, still maintaining their genuineness as their sole spirit. The company arranges meetings between the public and the representatives so that they could share their views together.

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