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Following people is a huge part of what makes Twitter so unique. It adds a personal touch to your service. Although your friends and family are interesting and very important to you, you should not limit yourself only to people that you know personally.

There is a vast Twittersphere and it is full of funny, smart, and engaging people. But how do you find these people? The best way I know how is to ask other tweeters for suggestions. It can be as easy as posting an update asking your followers who they recommend and check the responses as they come pouring in. If any posts include an @ followed by username, simply click on that username to view the person’s profile.

*Hot Tip

A better way to find great friends is to check who your followers follow. On your home or profile page, click on the Followers link, click any random username, and then click that person’s following link. I’ve found about a third of the people I follow using this method. This should supply you with some great recommendations but you stop there when you have the whole Twittersphere to get involved?

You don’t need to add everyone but almost every tweeter knows about FollowFridays. This is a twitter topic where every Friday people post one or more update that includes a recommended tweeter. Each update follows with: #followfirday so all FollowFridays are easily found.

Here are some ways to track FollowFriday updates:

• Use Twitter Search Tool. You can use Twitter’s advanced search feature to search for a interesting or particular hashtag.

• Use TopFollowFriday. This is a site that tracks the most endorsed tweeters, either during the current day, or all-time. To find site search Top Follow Friday on Google.

The best way to take advantage of fellow Twitter’s goodies and news updates is to follow that person. You can also use your Web browser to search a person’s Twitter profile like I do with celebrities. Simply search the name of the famous person and add twitter and do a simple Google Search.

To know if that celebrity is actually legitimate Twitter will have a blue check mark which reads, “Verified Account”. Following people on Twitter, as I have said before, can be a great way to drive traffic to your brand, company, or blog. Make sure that you also have an equal ratio.

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