Acne Treatment! Caffeine, Sugar and Your Skin Health

Acne is a problem that is very much connected to our diet and nutrition. Many dermatologists have suggested the avoidance of certain foods for proper acne treatment. Foods that cause acne include saturated fats, sugar, certain dairy products and caffeine based beverages.

Actually, the fact is that these foods activate the oil glands of the skin to produce extra oil. This extra oil causes clogging of pores resulting in acne. Since decades, this fact has been recognized by people that caffeine results in acne. Coffee, tea and other nervous system arousing caffeine based beverages stimulate certain hormones, which cause acne.

When the balance of hormones, particularly estrogen gets disturbed, they cause oil glands to be activated and produce extra oil. Even stress and anxiety result in acne breakouts. The stimulants like caffeine take about one or two days to produce acne on skin.

Soda drinks are famous all around the world. A very large population is addicted to caffeinated soda drinks. In the caffeinated soda drinks, caffeine is not the only harmful ingredient but other ingredients are also bad for skin.

When it comes to the harmful effects of caffeine, we usually get tea and coffee in our minds but it should be realized that soda and other soft drinks that contain caffeine are even more trouble making. People who have acne problem must avoid beverages that contain caffeine. Their acne treatment medications would go useless if the diet is not controlled. Such foods should be taken which do not have affects on hormones. Fruits, vegetables and plenty of water should be taken. Much of the acne treatment is done from inside our body rather than outside.

A very common ingredient of soda beverages is phosphoric acid. The fact about this ingredient is that it contains a very little amount of calories but inside the body, it is broken into sugars. Sugar is another disaster to our skin. People who have acne problems should avoid sugar intake. It is very difficult to eliminate sugar-based desserts like chocolate, cakes and candies. The sugar intake can be minimized, for example if you are addicted to have milk with two tea spoons sugar, make it one and half, then one, then only half a tea spoon and then stop the use of sugar slowly, because people often give up when they make an immediate start. If you cannot live without deserts after your meals, then take some fruit, probably an apple instead of cakes and chocolates.

The soda contains both sugar and caffeine. It has huge amounts of artificial flavors and chemicals. Such artificial flavors and chemicals act as body and cell toxins that directly affect the health of our skin and interfere in acne treatment. Try to avoid packed juices made in factories and make juice at your home with fresh fruits.

Therefore, if you want a healthy skin with an acne treatment then cut-off with carbonated and caffeinated drinks with loads of sugar and stick to healthy drinks particularly water. As it has been previously mentioned that 8 to 12 glasses of water are required per day, so if you fulfill this requirement then you won’t need any other drinks that affect your health.

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