5 Reasons Why You Should Use Twitter to Grow Your Business

Is this you?

You may or may not have a twitter account.

You certainly can't understand what all the fuss is about surrounding Twitter.

On the face of it it's a simple service where you can only post 140 character messages.

What's the big deal?

You certainly can't see the point of 'wasting' time using this service while you could be getting on with 'proper marketing'.

I was in that place until very recently, but then the penny began to drop as I realized the scale of Twitter and what it could offer to my business. I have come up with 5 reasons, facts if you will that summarise why anybody doing business on-line should consider using Twitter in their arsenal of marketing tools.

Firstly let's look at the dictionary definition of what Twitter actually is:

“Twitter is an information network that connects people through the exchange of quick, 140-character messages often called Tweets. Whatever your passion, people are talking about it on Twitter – major news outlets, local businesses, celebrities, your favorite bands, your friends , and individuals across the world are all participating in the conversation.

You can use Twitter to discover news as it's happening, engage in conversations that are important to you, and get the inside scoop in real time. You can also search for Tweets related to any topic and view real-time results gathered from every Twitter Account “.

Now on to the 5 reasons you should be using Twitter.

Reason 1: The sheer number of Tweeple (Registered Twitter Users). There are now over 75 million registered Twitter Users. Now that is a lot of potential clients – even if only a very small percentage less than 0.1% = 75,000, that's still a lot of people. The number of registered users is continuing to grow at an amazing rate.

Reason 2: The volume of Twitter activity. Millions of Twitter messages (Tweets) are sent every day. It must be said at this point that a lot of these are idle chitter chatter, but those in the know can leverage their efforts and have found it an invaluable marketing tool.

Reason 3: The range of people using Twitter. From 'Grade A' celebrities, through large corporations. Even Barack Obama used Twitter to help in his successful election campaign.

Reason 4: There are over 70 thousand registered Twitter applications. That is a phenomenal number of applications, many of which can be down loaded or used on-line for free all of which are designed to greatly enhance the 'Twitter Experience'.

Reason 5: People and Corporations are monetizing their Twitter involvement – Dell last year attributed just under $ 10 million usd of sales through a combination of Twitter and Facebook. In the UK, a survey indicated that 17% of small British businesses were using Twitter, mainly to attract new customers.

I hope I have persuaded you that Twitter is something you really should be getting involved with – it's big, can be monetized with stunning results.

How to Get Started …

Thankfully getting started on Twitter is a very simple thing to do. They have simple tutorials on their site “twitter.com” which explain the very basics.

Firstly set up your Twitter account. You can do this now if you wish. Choose your Twitter name with care ensuring it reflect you or your business. You are not limited to one Twitter account – so if you are involved in more than one non related businesses it would be an idea to set up an account for each one – allowing you to generate a 'niche' specific following. But before you send your first Tweet please read on.

One thing glossed over in the tutorials is the importance of setting up your profile details correctly. This is important so that people can track you down by searching in Twitter and finding you by what you say about you and your business.

The Bio section is only a 160 characters in length so ensure that you use this wisely. People will possible check out your Bio before deciding to follow you.

You also have opportunity to enter a URL – this should ideally point to your niche specific web-site.

It is possible to establish mobile phone connection via SMS text messages. This allows you both to 'Tweet' via a text message and to receive texts for direct messages and the tweets from users you want to be notified about.

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