10 Do's and Don'ts for Twitter

One of the fastest growing social media networks, Twitter, has come a long way from a simple SMS messaging site, to the most active and powerful social networking website in the world. Twitter, a micro-blogging platform, emerged to become the center of social networks to connect with friends, communicate with the general public and customers.

In recent political revolutions in the Middle East, Twitter and other social media sites played a critical role in the awakening of the masses. The unique nature of social media has profoundly changed the way we engage and connect with each other on the Web.

Today, Twitter has not only become a prime social media site to build your network online, but also enables you to manage a successful account with a healthy number of followers. Many people get their Twitter accounts and then abandon them after a few days. Perhaps, the most difficult and often frustrating task on Twitter, is keeping up with your followers and getting new ones.

The fact that in 140 characters, you have to make your tweet interesting, informational and meaningful, can be difficult for users. You can either gain followers or loose followers, but it all depends on how you pursue your account on Twitter. You might be irritating people with your boring flood of tweets or you might find it hard to gain new followers even though you are working diligently.

Here are some Do's and Don'ts that can help you keep an interesting and acceptable Twitter profile.

Twitter Do's that you must follow to have people follow you!

Attractive Bio

You must have a short but interesting Bio. In 140 characters you need to define yourself, or your profile, highlighting your main points. This will allow followers learn who they are following and get an idea of ​​the type of tweets they will receive. People want to follow interesting topics and people, people who can share that information successfully.

Interesting and REAL profile

While updating your profile, upload a picture of yourself. Not your cat, the sky, a flower or a celebrity, a decent picture of yourself. Only then will you have a real look on your profile. It is better to have a photo than nothing at all. The egg picture portrays a boring profile that won't gain you many followers. Put up a nice picture of yourself. Followers like to follow real people, not cats, dogs and cactuses!

Do follow people but not all

If you want followers, you must also follow other people. Try not to follow too many people or everybody that follows you. Choose your followers carefully, don't follow anyone who follows you just for the sake of following someone. Make sure to find people who have something constructive and motivational to say that parallels your lifestyle and objectives. You can also use the search option to find people in your business niche. The title of the account also says a lot about the person you are looking forward to following.

Decent and Quality pictures

Make use of decent and quality pictures on your profile. Images are highly viewed on Twitter, the more interesting your Twitter icon is, the more followers you will have. An interesting icon doesn't mean you put up a professionally taken picture of yourself. The pictures should be taken from proper angles without blurriness. If you upload humorous pictures make sure they don't offend any of your followers' religion or race. Add interesting captions with relevant messages. Even though images are not as popular as on Facebook, in our modern visual culture, you cannot ignore the importance of images on any of your social media profiles.

Do socialize

You have to interact with your followers. This helps you in knowing them better and gaining more followers. You can do this by retweeting, replying, mentioning and favoring their tweets

Twitter Don'ts that you must avoid

Don't over tweet

Don't tweet every 5 seconds! There might not be a limit to the number of tweets, but it doesn't mean you must post constantly. A good rule to follow is 80/20 when tweeting. The 80/20 rule is, 80% of your tweets must be about your community and supportive of others. 20% of your tweets can be about you and your achievements. If it is all about "Me" in your tweets, you will quickly start losing followers.

Don't be boring

Another simple rule, never tweet about how amazing the weather is or what you had for lunch. Sayings like 'What great weather,' or 'I had cornflakes for lunch' do not need to be sent. Any more of these tweets and your followers will stop following you.

If you are using a business account, make sure to tweet valuable information 20 to 25 times a day. According to research, a business can get the most value out of its Twitter account by tweeting one tweet per hour.

Don't hash tag every topic

Tweets like 'Went to the Scrip Concert # Dublin # FavoriteBand # food # rain # fun' are easy ways to lose all of your followers. Try not to hashtag every tweet or your tweets will be ignored.

Don't forget to retweet and @name

Other than tweeting itself, these are the foremost most important twitter actions. Don't forget to retweet something that's worth retweeting and don't forget to add @ before tagging someone. Make sure to use peak time for your tweets. Studies show that peak times for tweets is 5:00 pm. That means there is a large amount of activity on Twitter between 3:00 pm to 6:00 pm. That is the best time of day with the best click through ratio.

Don't beg for followers

Don't whine that you don't have enough followers and beg people to follow you. If you're interesting enough and follow our rules, you will get enough followers without even asking. For example: "Please, 10 more followers and I will have one thousand followers, please follow me. I'll follow back" is a bad and unethical tweet. You sound desperate for followers. Not how you want to be perceived by potential followers.

These simple tips of Do's and Don'ts will not only make your profile look better, you will gain more followers in a shorter period of time if you do things right with your Twitter account.

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