What If Lady Diana Had A Blog? All About Websites For Public Figures

We always wonder what it would be like if famous public figures like Lady Diana, Mahatma Gandhi and even infamous ones like Osama Bin Laden, had a blog or website with direct links to their thoughts, views, opinions, presentation and positioning. How would Lady Di have wanted to portray herself? What would her blog carry? Would it have helped her multiply her work and effect? This article discusses about the need for public figures to have a website.

Reach Fan Base Directly

In today's social media age, it would be a sin for a famous public figure to interact indirectly or in a formal manner with his or her fan base. Whether you are a politician, artiste, actor, religious figure or anyone who enjoys public fame, engaging directly with your followers, fan base or disciples is imperative. Having an unfiltered and open medium of disbursing information allows the public figure to be as candid and genuine and he can be. He or she has full control or what is being edited and what should be edited when communicating through a medium which they have directly control over.

Clarify Misconceptions

More than spread news and promote your work, as a celebrity you will need to constantly clarify misconceptions and miscommunication about yourself. Being in the public eye means you are sure to receive healthy criticism and even slander. Having your own communication medium helps you to directly reach out to those who are concerned about you and your actions. Many celebrities have clarified and cleared up important rumors and misconceptions about themselves, which have either been spread by their rivals or have been cooked up by the mainstream media. Many actors have used their website to clarify their marital status or rumors about their death which were floating around in the media. Politicos and Intellectuals have used their websites to stir up emotions and gather support for fulfilling their ambitions.

Promote Events and Appearances

A celebrity is the creation of the fans and followers only. Most celebrities and public figures love the attention they get wherever they go. Most celebrities like to send messages and subtle hints about their next public appearance, so that their bandwagon of cheerleaders and fans is ready and waiting to welcome them. Social Media and the internet has made it so much easier for celebs to post their next hangout and mobilize a crowd of fans in a few minutes. Politicians may especially find this useful, when wanting to garner support for their various campaigns and promo trails.

Sell ​​Branded Merchandise

A website can be an excellent source of revenue generation, especially when a celebrity has their own range of products or line of exclusive merchandise for sale. People clamor to get authentic merchandise and connect at that level with their idol or hero. Many actors and artistes have launched their own brand of products – things which they use or endorse. For example many actors have launched their own perfume brand, whereas painters and sculptors have launched a line of tools or implements that they use for their art. Similarly, clothing and apparel is also often endorsed or promoted in the name or shadow of an actor. A website can definitely help boost their merchandise sales and provide a source for people to get the authentic stuff, without having to be exploited by rip-offs or expensive stores.

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