The Dangers Of Encouraging HATE!

Throughout the world’s history, we have witnessed, certain unscrupulous individuals, seek to take advantage of the masses, because of either, a specific, personal/ political agenda, and/ or, self – interest, or some other perverse purpose/ reason. History discusses the ill – deeds, and hateful acts of Attila the Hun, Adolph Hitler, Son of Sam, Jack the Ripper, etc. One would think, by now, mankind would learn the significant lessons, from the past, and oppose, anyone, who proceeded, with the politics of HATE, but, unfortunately, it seems, there will always be certain individuals, who resort to hateful message, articulate a focus on fears, and encouraging adversaries, and polarization, instead of unifying, for the common good. Many believe, President Trump, often, resorts to some of these techniques, and behaviors, and, we have observed, an increase in hate crimes, and far less attempts, at seeking a meeting – of – the – minds, for the common good. With that in mind, this article will attempt to, briefly, consider, examine, review, and discuss, using the mnemonic approach, why it’s important to eliminate/ reduce the focus on hate/ hatred, and why, we need, to create an environment, where Love trumps hate!

1. Hostility; humanity/ humane: Shouldn’t the needs and best interests of humanity, be prioritized over, focusing on encouraging hostility, and, thus, hatred? When we proceed, in a humane manner, we all become more caring, and willing to work together, for the common good, and trying to create a meaningful, meeting – of – the – minds!

2. Attitude; attention; articulate; anger; aggravate: We must demand, our public leaders, consistently proceed, with a positive, can – do, attitude, and pay keen attention, to the best interests and needs of our society, and world! Beware of politicians, who articulate a message of hate, and spur anger, at the expense of making things better! One isn’t a worthwhile public leader, if he prioritizes, aggravating others, over, creating the best world!

3. Trouble – maker; tone; tests of character: Pay a lot of attention, at the quality of a leader’s character, and how he addresses, and handles, obstacles, and life’s tests! Is his reaction, adversarial, and making trouble? What is his overall tone, in terms of the overall message, he articulates? Is it positive, and unifying, or divisive, and hateful?

4. Encourage; enemies; empathy(?): If one doesn’t maintain genuine empathy, we all lose! We share this planet, and we need public leaders, who do not categorize individuals, into supporters, versus enemies! Rather, we are best – served, when our elected officials, seek to encourage, a long – term, relevant, sustainable, discussion, for the common good!

What the world needs now, is love, sweet love! We have witnessed what a hate – filled, environment, creates, these last couple of years, and can’t we do better? Stand up, and declare, love trumps HATE!

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