The Blood Moon and Our Collective Destiny

There has been talks about the implications of the current full moon that analysts call Blood moon. For those who do not know, 31st January 2018 will witness a period when the moon is nearest to the earth. This will give it such a larger than life appearance that the phenomenon is generally described as super-moon. Because of a tinge of red due to reflections, it is also called blood moon. But this blood moon is coming with eclipses in parts of the world.

Astrologers are falling over themselves trying to analyze the zodiac signs that will be most affected by the rare phenomenon. Yes, the period will have its share of drama and emotions. But I think it portends more.

In as much as I am not writing this as prophecy or predictions, I dare say that the earth have had its own fair share of blood moons in recent times. Some fall into the window of ancient prophecies, some wind up evoking coincidences and others appeared to be harbingers of doom. With the knowledge that I have, I am wary of any postulation of prophetic kind, even if it is glaring. So I can only say that the line up of several super moons in the last ten years is not without significance.

The earth is currently in a cyclical flux. (See my article on Earth And Cosmic Cycles.) That Magnetic fields of the earth is thinning is no longer news. That the poles are thawing is also stale news. That Asia may soon develop a mini ice age is no longer under much argument. But the worst pointer of this harbinger-for harbinger of cosmic nature is it-is in the psychic upheaval of the earth which is going to unleash a lot of Martian reactions. The “Great Dying” will increase due to the so-called conflict between light and darkness, and the worst hit will be economy. Political and religious organizations may follow with internal conflicts and decay resulting in struggle for power and survival as they face the severest tests.

Fear is a dangerous thing, and it may happen that fears of mass war may result in one. One only needs to look at the war mongering among world rulers, who are under tremendous psychic pressure, to continue to act with increased irrationality. But Nature will intervene, for mankind is not allowed to destroy the earth.

We are at a time that prophesies are at he verge of fulfillment. And the super-moon stirs the first impulse.

But the final onslaught will be heralded by the last star that is on its way to the earth, that already is having tremendous impact on our solar systems, especially its moons. Deeds of madness may then become the order of the day.

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