Teens and Celebrity Gossip

Teenagers feel a definite pull toward celebrity gossip sites. Teenagers love to read about their favorite celebrities and it's taken for granted that people in this age bracket are more interested in celeb gossip than the others. The coming of online entertainment portals has ensured that teenagers have easy access to paparazzi scoops these days. They need not head for seedy bookstalls to buy tabloids or magazines anymore. They can log in to the internet and check up the latest, real-time updates on their favorite celebrities.

Celebrity gossip sites don't just update the teens about their favorite icons. Lots of teens look forward to the celeb gossip sites as learning experiences. Entertainment news sections are high on fashion. Teens that have a knack for fashionable clothes and accessories check out these pages to find out what the trends are. Teens have an eye for fashion and when they see their celebs wearing their clothes and accessories a particular way, they learn and emulate that in their own way. There is nothing wrong in being fashion conscious unless you let it control your life. Teens today know where to strike the balance.

Other than fashion, another area where celebrity gossip sites have a positive influence is one of inspiration. The icons who are elevated to the platform of being tagged teen icons are achievers. Celeb gossip sites write about them because they could attain what others couldn't. You have to give it to them for being good enough in their respective fields. They could hold the limelight firmly on themselves because they have the confidence, even if it is a little misplaced sometimes. The inspirational aspect works better if the icon is a self-made person. There's no harm in the desire to be famous and there must not be any judgmental issues on this.

Many critics may point out that celebrity gossip sites do more good than harm to the teens. They feel that teenagers are led astray when they find that their icons are living the carefree life. Celeb gossip sites keep mentioning their confrontations with the law, their drunken brawls, their illegitimate affairs, their pregnancies and abortions. But I feel it's a case of point of view. It's how you see it. If you are a sensible teenager, you will look upon this entertainment news trivia as something that you must not do, rather than something you try to emulate. You always have the right to pick what you want to do and what you want to discard. The question of following paparazzi updates is the same.

Love it or hate it, you cannot ignore celebrity gossip anymore. It has made pores in all strata of society. Teens are most likely to be influence by celeb gossip because they are naturally inclined towards the rich and the famous. If you are a concerned parent, you might want to regulate their partaking of entertainment news. But if you decide to abolish it altogether, you might be pulling yourself for some trouble. It's not easy to keep the glittering world of glamor far away from impressionistic teens!

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