Superstition and Prejudice

“Superstition is a form of fear. It is also a sign of ignorance. People who succeed keep open minds and aren't afraid of nothing.” Napoleon Hill

The reason why most people are hesitant to do things is because they are afraid of fear. This is why most of the United States population does not own most of the wealth is because they are to skeptical and afraid to follow all of the keys to success that were described in all of the previous articles.

People who judge other people and are prejudice are only missing out on opportunity to find key people who can make a difference in their lives and in their businesses. People who prejudge others before they even meet them are missing out on the opportunity that will inspire them in their business or also in their personal and professional lives.

People with superstition have fear and uncertainty about many things in their lives and skepticism that will hold them out from making their own lives better. People who are skeptical of joining residual business opportunities and making risky but sound investments will only miss out on that opportunity to make a lot of money. Another example is about people who believe that buying lotto tickets is superstitious. Sure the odds of winning are extremely small but if you do not at least try it then your odds of winning millions of dollars are zero rather than just investing one dollar in a chance of winning millions and having the lifestyle that has only been an imagination for you.

People who are successful keep their minds open for any opportunity to become wealthy and they are not afraid of anything because having fear will only hold you behind from the opportunity for wealth and fame that is out there for you or anybody else. This proves how Napoleon Hill's statement above in the quote is correct how the most successful people have no fear or superstition.

The reason why many rich and famous, television hosts, musicians, actors and politicians are the way they are because they are not afraid to express themselves in their entertainment, in their art or through the media and public relations. The realize that most people in this country would be afraid to express themselves or embarrassed to get on stage and that is why these celebrities are successful because they capitalized that opportunity to express themselves while most people would be.

If you want to be wealthy and succeed in anything that you do then you can't be skeptical of anything unless you know it will hold you behind from your success. The most successful people capitalize on every opportunity they find for success while keeping things out of their life that will hold them away from their success. This is all part of the process of working smart.

Being fearless and open to accepting all people in to your businesses, personal and professional lives that will help to empower you will network you to the right resources to hook you up for success and get you to your goals each and every time. What is most important is to have an open mind and be willing to try new things and meet new people and stay away from superstition, skepticism and prejudice because from that you will only miss out on opportunities that you could generate wealth from and live out your imagination.


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