Stop Being Jealous of Celebrities

We encounter celebrities in our everyday lives in magazines, billboards, television and movies. Celebrities like Angelina Jolie, Megan Fox, Alicia Keys are all very pretty and successful and we cannot help but wonder if their looks plays a big part in their success. We then get jealous of their fame and fortune that resulted from their beautiful looks. But sometimes our jealousy turns from a healthy from to bitterness.

Media is also to blame in this problem: Even children are bombarded with literature that they have to look like princesses to live in a beautiful castle and find their very handsome prince. There was no Disney princess that was ugly to begin with. They were all prim, proper and pretty. Even the romantic movies and the drama TV series nowadays say that you have to be the prettiest girl in order to catch the heart of a very handsome, polite and courteous man. Media is instilling into women’s minds this fairy tale and therefore they cannot help but compare themselves with these “princesses”.

Hence, when women realize that they do not look like these celebrity princesses, they become bitter and jealous. Some women even go to the point of anorexia just to be as thin as some celebrities; younger people are not turning to plastic surgery too have “perfect” looks. Women are becoming desperate to become as beautiful as the celebrities they see all the time. They’re trying very hard to look like these celebrities as if they are what the ideal woman should look like.

It’s not that beautifying oneself and trying to look like a princess is a crime. The world is indeed biased when it comes to physical appearance. Even animals are – choosing their partners based on their capabilities, posture, strength, etc. Appearance and image are very important especially in today’s world where it definitely makes an advantage; a beautiful woman will be favored more than her average-looking competitor even though their credentials are the same. The bad part is trying to look exactly like these celebrities and models because there is no way you can exactly look like them.

Women should understand that these celebrities that they see everyday are not what they really look like in their everyday lives. These celebrities and models are fixed up by professionals before they can be shot for a cover magazine or appear in a television show or a movie. Countless hours are put into their makeup so they could look as beautiful as possible. Also, don’t forget special effects, lighting, and editing that makes them look as perfect as possible. If you’re going to be shot for a magazine cover, of course you would hire professionals too to make you look as beautiful as possible. But if you search for pictures of these celebrities without makeup, you will be amazed how different they look. They look totally average and normal, just like you. Of course, some celebrities look naturally beautiful, but it is still way far from what they look like all beautified.

The lesson here is stop comparing yourself with celebrities and stop trying to look like them because most of them look like an average person anyway. Start loving yourself and the way you look. If you want to be like them, be your best self. These celebrities put in time and effort to improve on their personality development, their makeup, their hair style, and their talent. The thing is you could do the same to become your best self; read up on make up online and you could get help from an image consultant. Take these celebrities as an inspiration to improve on every aspect of your life, and not as a source of jealousy and bitterness.

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