Online Dating Success Starts With Your Username

When you browse through online dating profiles what's the first thing that you notice, apart from the photo?

That's right, it's the person's username or handle. It sits in a prominent position at the top of the page and has the potential to command a substantial amount of interest.

So if you want to increase your chances of dating success it's important to pick the right username.

1) Avoid Using Your Real Name

Online dating provides a safe, secure and anonymous environment to meet other people. All reputable sites will keep your contact details private, which means it's up to you whether or not to reveal your personal information as you get to know other people.

So if you want to maintain your privacy and give yourself this choice, it's best to avoid using your real name as part of your screen name.

Let's face it, your real name can reveal vital clues about your identity and in some cases can allow people (along with your photo and location) to work out who you are.

And in any case, unless your real name is really unusual or striking, it's not going to do much to draw attention to your profile. So have some fun and look for a username that will really draw attention.

2) Keep It Simple Yet Memorable

When you join an online dating service the username that you select must be unique. So as you can imagine, on a site with 12 million members, usernames such as “cute”, “gorgeous” and “handsome” will have been snapped up years ago.

Now you might have thought that “cute795” is just as good, but it's not!

Anything that requires people to think before they type in your username will reduce the number of people who see your profile. So keep your username as simple as possible and avoid using numbers. If you've set your heart on “cute” but can't get it, try other options, such as “cutegirl” or “cutelittlemiss” before you start adding numbers to the end of it.

3) Capture Your Personality

Ideally, your username should sum up part of your personality and give people the feeling that they already know you. So if there's a part of your personality that you particularly like, use it as inspiration to create a username.

For example, if you're the rugged outdoor type who likes rock climbing your screen name could be “MountainGuy” or “RockClimber”. Alternatively, if you prefer the cinema you could call yourself “MovieGoer” or “FlickChick”

Just don't go over the top with your choice of screen name. All usernames project an image and set the tone for the type of people who will respond to your profile.

So while “SexualAthlete” or “HotLover” might work if you're after short-term adult fun, they're likely to attract the wrong type of person if you're looking for a long-term relationship.

4) Look For Inspiration

If you can't think of a good username that isn't already taken, don't give up. You can find inspiration in many different places provided you know where to look. For example, have you got a favorite character from a book, film or TV program? Have you considered the names of famous people or celebrities? Think about your hobbies and interests. Use the internet for ideas. Take your time to find the perfect screen name and you'll be guaranteed better results.

Ultimately, your online dating will be far more successful if you can keep your username honest and tailored towards the type of relationship that you're looking for. Use it to emphasize the most attractive part of your personality or the most interesting part of your life. Take time to make it stand out from the rest of the crowd for the right reasons. And whatever happens, make sure that you find a username that you like, because you might have to live with it until you find your perfect partner.

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