How Network Marketers & Barack Obama Can Use Twitter For Success!

Here’s something cool, which will be a lot of fun when you implement in your marketing arsenal… Recently, Raymond and I presented at the Hwa Rang Do Black Sash conference on the application of internet marketing tactics for martial arts studios.

One of the coolest parts of the presentation was when we showed these school owners, how to use the insanely popular social networking tool called ‘Twitter’. If you are not familiar with ‘Twitter’, their business model is actually pretty simple and at first glance, can seem a bit silly…

Your profile on Twitter consist of nothing more than your website URL, a short description and a ‘ticker’ of updates telling people what you are doing on any given moment during the day. And people can choose to ‘follow’ what you are doing and your updates will automatically appear on their Twitter home page for them to see.

You can either log onto the website and type in your update, or you can text message it from your cell phone for an instant update. It seems a little twisted, because it’s like a type of ‘New Age Voyegerism’. But it’s become insanely popular and is now widely used by celebrities, company CEO’s, politicians and even marketers. Now how exactly can you use Twitter to promote your business? Here are a few strategies for various types of business and applications…

Marketers and Networkers on Twitter

Now, we’ve talked quite a bit in recent years about developing YOU, INC. when trying to brand yourself and grow a network marketing business. Well, Twitter is a great way to allow your prospects to get to know you on a more personal level. Ultimately, people want to know that you are a real person

“Join Me at the Bar…”

I do not recommend you use it as a pure promotional tool where you flash your affiliate link to products. It’s OK to recommend something once in a while, but if you do that too much, you won’t have many people following you. Although there is one marketer who recently did something very interesting with his Twitter updates…

He was sitting at a bar, in Florida killing sometime while waiting for an appointment. Since he was just sitting around, he send a Twitter update saying, “I’ll be at XYZ bar in Orlando, FL. for the next couple of hours. If anyone wants to come by and talk shop, come on by…” Literally 20 minutes later, a couple of guys walk into the bar to greet this marketer and talk shop, exchange ideas and have a few drinks. It’s genius, because from here on out, you bet more people will be subscribing to this marketer’s twitter updates just in case he ever sends out another message like that again. It’s a great “piece of cheese” to use to bring more people into your Twitter followers list and connect with people.

Small Business Owners

Twitter also allows you to place a widget on to your MySpace, Facebook and Websites, which will display all updates you send to Twitter. An idea for a small business, especially for martial arts studios, is to create a Twitter profile for your business and place this widget on your website. Turn this widget into a window inside your business. For martial arts schools, you can upload regular updates about current classes and exact techniques which are being taught at any given moment.

For a brick and mortar business, if you want to let your customers know about a new specialty item which is now available in your store, just update your Twitter ticker and it will show up on your website.

This type of marketing gives your prospect an entirely new user experience and they can learn about your products or services in a dynamic way.

Politicians and Celebrities

Twitter is a virtual goldmine for politicians and celebrities looking to establish a large following via the social networks. Imagine being able to follow the day to day activities of Barack Obama, Ron Paul, John McCain or the Clintons…

In fact, politicians and celebrities can all but fire their publicist because they can use Twitter to notify the press and fans about any upcoming events and places they’ll be at.

It’s particularly powerful in today’s day and age, where people are still getting to know public figures like Barack Obama or getting to know a different side of polarizing politicians like Hillary Clinton or George Bush… it provides a whole new perspective into their humanity…

It’s a way to connect personally with voters, which is crucial because it’s been shown that the politician whom is most likable is much more likely to get the votes.

Anyway, I think you get the idea…So if you haven’t done so already, go to and start a profile. It takes 5 minutes. And of course, Twitter is not a marketing system in and of itself… It should be viewed as another traffic tool for your funded proposal system.

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