Famous Dog Loving Celebrities

There are numerous style statements that are landmarks of stardom. Mansions, private planes, branded clothes, exorbitant shoes and handbags, classy jewelry, stylish sun shades and endless other accessories. In the recent years, keeping pet dogs has also become a part of elite lifestyle. The more expensive the breed, the higher is the fashion statement. However, there are quite a few genuine dog lovers as well. The most loyal animal of all can be a true companion when cared for with honest love.

There are many celebrities who are known to be lovers of this species of canines. One of the most popular entertainment personalities, Oprah Winfrey is one of them. This ardent animal lover is believed to have catered an amount of 30 million dollars in her will towards the welfare of her dogs. She is reported to treat her pet cocker spaniels and golden retrievers with immense affection.

Drew Barrymore owns three dogs of unknown pedigree, and they are named Templeton, Vivian and Flossie. Flossie and Vivian were picked up from a flea market in Pasedena, a kind gesture for which they showed their gratitude by saving her life in a fire incident in the year 2001. Another Hollywood star, Will Smith possesses four Rottweilers. The pets have the well known dog trainer Cesar Millan at their disposal to enhance their skills.

Many dog ​​loving icons are fervent supporters of animal rights as well. Charlize Theron, proud recipient of the Oscar Award, supports PETA. She is in essence a mother to three dogs, who are mixed breeds. Alicia Silverstone went a step forward in her projection of animal love. She not only cares for her own five dogs, but has an animal shelter to help stray and unwanted pets. The shelter is located in her personal estate.

There are some lovers of this four legged animal, who make these priced possessions a part of their life in every aspect possible. Elton John, an extremely successful star icon, showcased his love for his cocker spaniel, Arthur, by making the animal his best man at his wedding in 2005.

Another famous actress, Sigourney Weaver in spirit of true motherhood actually planned a wedding for her Greyhound named Petals. The puppy, Bacci born from this wedlock is also in custody of Weaver. Paula Abdul cares for her Chihuahua, Tulip, to such an extent that she fractured her nose and injured her toe while ensuring that she does not step on her beloved pet. Despite, the injury Paula was only too happy to know that Tulip had not been wounded in the bargain. The much admired singer and Grammy Award winner, Shania Twain demonstrated her fondness towards her German shepherd, Tim, by modifying the bus she was touring on by having a door especially made in the bus for the dog.

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