Environmental Future of Hybrid Cars

One of the most looked forward to advancement in technology is the production of hybrid cars. New, improved models are being introduced and they are here not only to save consumers on gas. The care of the environment is one of the foremost factors on the minds of many consumers. As with the introduction of new inventions and technology, questions are raised about the impact of hybrid cars on the environment.

The popularity of hybrid cars is increasing. Besides making a fashion statement or even as an outward support of the environment, driving a hybrid automobile announces to the world that ‘I care’ or ‘I am doing my part’ to save the environment. The number of celebrities singing their praises adds fuel (no pun intended) to the pomp and glamour beckoning the common masses to join in the cause. More and more are attracted to these vehicles of the future and are intrigued by the fact that some do not use gas at all. There will be pros and cons on the impact these vehicles will have on the environment.

One of the negative effects of hybrid cars on the environment is the use of the nickel metal hydride batteries. Battery toxicity is one of the concerns of the environment friendly. Not unlike the conventional lead batteries used, nickel metal hydride batteries are toxic though less problematic. Ideally lithium should be the battery of choice. For now hybrid car producers are offering substantial cash bonus for the return of used nickel metal hydride batteries for recycling. Many critics are quick to point out that since hybrid cars use both fuel and electricity so they are not as yet perfect. However technology is racing ahead each day and we should be able to reach our goal before long.

There are many benefits to driving a hybrid car. One is because they use less fuel. They produce less smog thus reducing smog pollution. They run on batteries but do not need to be plugged in so they are as convenient as conventional gas powered engines. The gas power only kicks in at higher speeds, leaving a majority of the work to the electric portion of the engine. This helps to save on your monthly gas bills.

More and more car manufacturers are jumping on the bandwagon to produce the environmentally friendly hybrids. Currently The Toyota Prius is the most popular of the hybrid cars. Not to be left out, Lexus, Ford and Honda all produce hybrid cars as well. The popularity of the hybrid cars increases from day to day. The positive impact it has created far outweighs the negative ones. Americans are aware of this and are drawn thus to this hot option when upgrading their automobiles.

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