Drug Withdrawal – It’s So Common It’s On Television

From the time we are young enough to understand, we are taught that using drugs is a bad thing. Still the number of drugs addicts continues to rise? Even though there are countless groups and organizations that fight to prevent drug abuse, we are still losing the battle against drugs. Everybody knows that using drugs can shorten your life span. Why then are we seeing so many people experiencing drug withdrawal?

The Reasons Why We See So Many Enduring Drug Withdrawal

Society is partially at fault for the increase in drug usage. More and more celebrities aren’t ashamed to admit that they use drugs and cater to alcohol manufacturers in their music videos and red carpet appearances. Once, this behavior was only tolerated for the bad boys and girls of Hollyweird. Now, boozing and using drugs is how you get on the cover of magazines. When teenagers see their role models defiantly breaking the law and abusing drugs, they typically follow.

Rehab, believe it or not, makes for good television. Some how shows like Intervention, Celebrity Rehab, and Sober House all make drug usage interesting. It’s quite scary that one person’s pain and self inflicted, death sentence is worthy of a television show. Perhaps, drug usage was less trendy when it was hidden and not popularized on television. Sadly, there is nothing exciting about watching someone experience drug withdrawal. No matter how sad the statistics are and what they see on television, there are still people who have to experiment with drugs. Too often, these experiments become long-term abuse instead of a one time trial.

Pharmaceutical companies are not ones to sit by and let street dealers take all the money. The drug bosses are constantly manufacturing powerful drugs and handing out free samples for doctors to share with patients (or in the worse cases – for unscrupulous doctors to sell to drug dealers) to get them hooked on the drugs. It is not surprising there is a bigger problem with prescription drugs than there is with illegal drugs.

Pharmaceutical drug abuse becomes extremely addictive very quickly, and that’s the way the pharmaceutical giants want it because the pharmaceutical industry is a multi-billion dollar industry. If the abuser backs off the medicines, the he or she will endure an exceedingly, painful drug withdrawal so they rarely stop taking the pills without intervention from a friend, family member, or the courts.

These are a few of the reasons that we see so many people going through the process of drug withdrawal today. Drugs are everywhere, and our young people must be taught to walk away from them.

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